The currency circle thousand doors and sixteen will (on)

Three hundred and sixty lines, the old thousand is the king – the common saying.

Everyone knows that "out of the old" is the meaning of a liar to deceive, and how does a liar deceive? This is very particular about it.

Since ancient times, China has had thousands of sayings. The so-called thousand-doors are deceiving for a living. Thousands of doors are the old thousand vocational training training schools.

Although it is now a new society, Qianmen’s business is getting more and more underground. However, it is not uncommon to lie to people. I think that everyone has encountered many scammers or all kinds of wonderful tricks in daily life. In fact, these "old thousand" encountered in daily life are still very low-level entry "thousands of laws". Where is the main activity of Qianmen? Of course it is in the casino, because the humanity in the casino is the most thorough. And the big casino in the currency circle, how can there be less activity in the "Thousands of Doors"?

These "coin-dollars" can be described as all corners of the currency, from time to time by relying on thousands of ways to make profits.

The old thousand in the thousand gates are divided into "the upper eight will" and the "lower eight will". The upper eight will be positive, raised, reversed, off, wind, fire, divided, and smashed, collectively known as Qianmen and Eight. The next eight will be collision, flow, sky, phoenix, species, horse, cover, and Kun.

Today, the strangers come to explain to you one by one, the original thousand-sixteen will evolve into a concrete appearance in the currency circle. I also hope that all of you can understand the various tricks in the currency circle and will not be fooled by being fooled.

Let me first say "the upper eight will".

1, is going to be. What is it? It will be the one who wins your money with "Bright and Bright". It will be different from the other fifteen. It can be a frontal assault, and it needs a certain skill and skill. In itself, it is a "superman" with "extra means". For example, in the casino, it will be a master of gambling. In fact, the casinos are a bit jealous, because the technology is superb, all "small gambling can make a home, big gambling can start a business", in real life, "bridge master" can be called the upright.

The "positive" in the currency circle is endless. For example, some people have established a glorious image that allows fans to follow and invest. You said that this kind of person is not brilliant? Really brilliant, in fact, even if he is not mixed in the currency circle, mixed in other places, can still be a lecturer, book, and start a business. It’s just that it’s easier to get money in the currency circle. Of course, there are also some people who are really skilled, issue new coins or start a business, and directly create rules and regulations for the currency circle. These people can also call it "positive", because these games are all on the bright side. Called "positive".

2, mentioning. It is a bit more complicated to mention this role. The traditional explanation is that the slogan's pondside crane is dedicated to persuading people to play.

In the currency circle, the role of the referee is more diverse. For example, there are many people who enthusiastically recommend the blockchain project for you to invest. In fact, you should be more careful, because this may be the mention. The currency circle will promote the project every day, and buy a certain amount of money. In fact, if you vote for this project, he will get a high rebate; for example, the agent in the currency circle is also very obvious to mention the role. Anyway, it’s all blowing projects. It’s not only collecting the coins of the project side but also collecting your money, and then eating two profits. This is also why many of the generations in 2017 have become rich; and the most obvious ones are some. The big man on the platform shouted "to vote this, vote for that" every day, and set up a XX capital, playing the public and the project side in the applause.

3. Reverse. The opposite is to say "spy" around you.

How much is the "anti-coin" in the currency circle! ? There are countless kinds of counter-measures in the project side and the exchange. Often, if a project has not been completed, it has already been stolen by other project parties for code or ideas. Or it is an exchange that suddenly "explodes in the dark"… Actually This is a good thing to do. Because the information in the currency circle is all money, the activities of commercial espionage are naturally endless.

4, take off. It will be easier to understand, that is, if there is any problem, people who can help people get out of it.

There will be a typical role in the currency circle, that is, "PR". There are so many bad things in the coin circle. How to wipe the butt out is really a matter of learning. Therefore, in the currency circle, it is necessary to eliminate negative news, not only to sink the negative posts before, but also to buy the water army to knock on the side of the explanation, and sometimes even at a critical juncture to find ways to open a "green channel" for some people, let them go abroad, and so on. The news was calm, no one remembered them, and then brought them back. Among them, the knowledge is very deep, not only to grasp the current situation, but also to thoroughly understand the psychology of the people in the currency circle.

5, the wind will. The traditional sense of the wind will be the special wind or intelligence, that is, the people who look at the wind and inspect the environment.

The reality of the wind inside the coin circle is remarkable. The "message master" in the coin circle is the typical representative of the wind! These people are scattered in each WeChat group/QQ group/telegram group, and their eyes are closely aimed at various news. As soon as they are rushing, they will spread all kinds of news. Some people say that the currency circle is a "message city", and this statement is indeed true. The truthful and false news is filled in the currency circle. The more news, the more important the role of the wind will be. Moreover, the status of the wind will not be low in the currency circle, and casually get two big news, users who are short and long will be swarming to send money.

6, after finishing the wind will talk about the fire. Who is the fire in ancient times? It is a thug who is responsible for handling the troublemakers. It is responsible for solving the problem by force and killing and killing.

There are not many figures in the currency circle, because most of the time in the currency circle is still about making money, not much about force. However, the role of fire is still indispensable, but the fire in the currency circle will be different from the fire in the traditional sense. The currency fire will not be dedicated to hitting people, but will show the shock. For example, every time you organize an activity, you will strengthen the “security power.” When some project parties are defended, they will also send security guards and other personnel. These are the “fires” in the currency circle. And we still have to be grateful for the fire. After all, if there is no fire to maintain order, what kind of bloodshed may happen in the currency circle is not known.

7, in addition to will. Responsible for speaking, and the aftermath of the situation.

Some people may not be able to tell the difference between the removal and the removal. Detachment will help people solve problems and wipe their buttocks. Usually, the project in the currency circle is messed up, and various rights are defended. At this time, they will come out to help people get out. In addition to the other, in addition to the person responsible for the situation, for example, the success of this project is 5 million, how many roles are involved? How to divide the money? This is all except the duties. In addition to being well done, everyone who is scattered and convinced is orally, then this matter is very satisfactory, or it has always maintained the momentum of “the project is doing things”; if it is not good, it will be uneven, then this Projects may be exposed to a variety of “internal problems” that cause a chain of reactions.

8, will be. Specially spread rumors to lure the "old lining" (the deceived, the sheep) believe in lies.

I will be considered "famous" in the currency circle, and even have a special slogan, that is: "The document is true, I have seen it." This kind of slogan is a mess in the world. Because the currency circle lacks supervision, it will be a shame and arrogance. There are not only personal forms, but also specialized organizations and institutions responsible for making rumors. The news is really difficult to distinguish, and the people who will cooperate with you will be able to easily prepare the "empty order" or "multiple orders". Only the news can be fermented in the currency, and then it can be easily profitable. Therefore, the news inside the currency circle can't really believe it!

The above is the "Upper Eight Will", and the actions in the currency circle are leaping and leaping all the way. However, as everyone knows, there are various pits dug out by the "Last Eight Will", waiting for the currency people to jump. Compared with the "eight-eight", the next eight will be unscrupulous, but seek to achieve the purpose of defrauding, never consider other, and even use violence.

9, hit the will. The collision will focus on a "crash", the so-called swindling and swindling, and even the makeup officer is a mess.

The collision inside the coin circle will naturally be "pretending to be a big man"! After all, there is a mixture of fish and dragons in the currency circle. It can be called "a big dog is like a dog, and it is going all the way." So many people have moved their minds, just make a poster, attend several meetings, and pretend to be a big man and then swindle. The people send money. Anyway, it is pretending to be forced. If you install it well, you will swindle more money. If you don’t install it well, you will not be able to lie. Or you can pretend to be "very familiar with a certain", and then swindle money, and even more directly send air coins. This kind of scam is really too numerous to mention in the currency circle.

10, the flow will. Originally, it will be a technical activity, describing people who are responsible for stealing gambling equipment or stealing gambling equipment in the gambling!

The flow in the coin circle will be that kind of person? That's right, it's a hacker! If the hacker really has the technology, he will attack the vulnerability of the smart contract. There are a lot of smart contracts in the currency circle that are fragile, so the hackers sneak into the air and steal the various currencies. The original currency exchange is a super-rich big casino, and hackers have to go back and forth from the exchange to kill a few "in and out", and some exchanges are called "hacker cash machines." Some exchange bosses mentioned that the hacker hates the gnashing teeth but can’t help. Originally, the flow will be directed at organizations and institutions. However, these organizations and institutions have lost money but have to pay for the money, which is really helpless…

11, the day will. In the traditional casino, Tianyu will appear as a child. It will affect the gamblers with the crying or slaps of the children, let the gamblers distract themselves and wait for the opportunity to start, and also use the children to chase chaos or touch Drop the card!

The sky in the currency circle will be different from the traditional day. The heavens in the currency circle are usually "pretending to be geniuses." For example, what high school did not graduate to code, or what 00 after the fried coins earned 10 million! It is always possible to fool the people with obedience by "young and promising." And people's blind worship of genius often gives them such a soil. The ridiculous thing is that these people are often not mixed with learning, but they want to pack the tall, and after the money is also a variety of squandering, for the currency Everyone in the circle is not at all.

12, Feng will. Feng will be the prostitute in the casino. What methods can be used, and everyone can think clearly with their toes.

In fact, Feng will be regarded as “a big way” in the currency circle… The “circle effect” is in the currency circle. The original speculation is basically a big man’s work, suddenly a beautiful woman is doing public relations, then Naturally, the two eyes are green and hate to see the light from head to toe. And naturally there are some embarrassing things happening! Inside the currency circle, you can call "the club's tender model", and once the club model has learned to cut the leek, is it still there? The leek is still not lying down, happy to be cut?

13, kind of will. The person who is placed in front of the gambler in advance has a crone who directly receives the gambler who bought it in advance. Use them to sell gamblers.

Thousands of defenses, prevention of relatives and friends, the "killing" routine in the currency circle is too pit. Who can think of a loved one but a special interest in harming relatives and friends? For example, those funds in the currency circle are often first picked up from relatives and friends around. In a circle, the "recommended person" can earn a lot of money without even paying a little bit of the principal. And whenever the crisis comes, the risk must be borne by the currency. So whenever you see friends and relatives who recommend various "MLMs" and "Air Coins", you really want to have more eyes, don't be sold by others, and help others count the money!

14, Ma will. Approximate rogue, gambling when using something rogue gambler, extracting money or covering large units to get out.

The various rogues in the currency circle to contain the exchanges are very common! Some of them are real victims, but others are selfish and even hired by other organizations, and there are some exchanges in the exchanges or some projects. What's even more ridiculous is that some people started to be "defendering rights leaders", and then they were bought by the exchanges after they contacted the exchanges. Then they "evaporated"… or simply returned to the rights defenders to collect money and then lie. The last wave, the technique can not be said to be "hot".

15, cover up, also hate to be. Approximate beaters, but more in the form of self-mutilation to gamblers! Cut your own thigh meat, cut your fingers, etc., to create a bloody scene.

There is still no such awkward cover in the coin circle. I have never seen it in my thigh. But there is "drinking pesticides" in the currency circle! Some time ago, there were online self-destructive cut-off photos for debt collection, as well as writing blood books. These are all means of concealing. You may be a bit confused, and this cover will be different from the horse above. In fact, the horses and the cover in the currency circle will indeed be indistinguishable. To explain this, everything is blocked, but it is the horse. If you want to self-mutilate and drink pesticides, it will be hidden.

16. Kun will, monks, Taoists, Confucian scholars, weird people in traditional casinos, etc., use religious "confusing, descending, surgery" to intimidate gamblers, confuse gamblers, and gamblers who are mentally unsound, can achieve chaos The purpose of God. Similar to the current hypnotism!

There is no such a mess in the currency circle, such as the monk and the Taoist. And the currency circle seems to be very resistant to feudal superstition. However, without these roles, there is a class of behavior that is extremely prosperous, that is, "analysts"! The analyst is actually the Kunming in the currency circle. Every day I say that this is going to go up, that is going to fall, how much profit can be earned by following it, how much money I make every day, and the money people look at it. What's more, many analysts are charging groups, collecting high group fees to cut the leeks, and using the mysterious and mysterious analysis to hypnotize the leeks in the group. As the saying goes, "I would rather believe that there are ghosts in the world, and don't trust the analyst's mouth!"

The currency circle is complicated, and the scammers are like the rivers. The thousand-door and sixteen will only be some epitome of various scams in the currency circle. After all, the various new tricks that have evolved from the currency circle are endless.

In the currency circle, the currency people really have to be more careful, otherwise they will "disregard" and they will regret it. Today, Alien is also showing the form of the currency of Qianmen and Sixteen. I hope that readers will learn from it and beware of being deceived.

Author: Lonely Stranger

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