Special commentator of China Daily News: Currency is used for use, not for hype

On July 22nd, China Daily’s special commentator, Chuan Chuanjiang, published the article “The Besieged Effect of the Currency Circle”. The article pointed out that money is used for use, not for hype. The excessive proliferation and explosion of virtual currency must have a huge impact on the financial order, on the real economy, and even on people's lives. Because the virtual currency can be anonymous, not subject to legal restrictions, not restricted by national borders, and difficult to track, it becomes a good tool for illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes, corruption and money laundering, cross-border exchanges of underground money houses, drug trafficking, and smuggling to circumvent laws. And platform. The article also writes that the virtual digital currency in the online world has a long way to go to become the legal currency of all trading media in real life, because it has to go through technology, ease of use, credit endorsement, supervision, and value fluctuations. There are too many thresholds for issuing costs. If the day when the virtual digital currency became the universal legal currency, the speculation of the currency circle would have died down.