Telegram "moving brick arbitrage" scam: a user was deceived 739 ETH, worth more than one million yuan

According to monitoring, at 10:50:17 on July 17th, Beijing time, Telegram "removed brick arbitrage" scam appeared again. A single user was defrauded to 739 ETHs, worth more than one million yuan. The criminals lied that they could exchange ETH for HT at a ratio of 1:88, tricking the "Little White" user into transferring the ETH into the fraudster 0xD2e3305… account for redemption of false HT (false HT contract address: 0xaf5f1da9fd6a6b210e1d02c8046aee36d51379fd). Currently, the scammer has transferred funds to the new address starting with 0x931ca95… It is understood that Firecoin has issued relevant announcements to remind users to prevent the risk warnings of various forms of fraud such as “moving bricks and arbitrage”, but there are still users who are constantly being deceived.