New energy distributed assets are on the chain, digital new Yunnan set sail

According to the calculation of think tanks, on July 20th, the first "Digital Yunnan" blockchain international forum was held in Kunming, Yunnan. Under the collective witness of Yunnan Provincial Governor Min Chengfa and the core party and government leaders of the provincial party committee, Shanghai Energy Chain Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd., Yunnan Energy Investment Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd., Yunnan Science and Technology Institute officially signed the contract, and the three parties based on policy guidance and coordination Coordinate and jointly launch the “New Energy, New Economy, New Wisdom” project. The project is based on the new energy charging piles and electric vehicle transportation assets operated by Yunneng Smart. Based on the blockchain technology, the project combines the application scenarios with the digital economy, and jointly builds the largest physical industrial block in the province and even the whole country. The chain project will realize the leap-forward development of the infrastructure construction of new energy vehicle piles in Yunnan Province.