Chain Travel Weekly (No. 26): "Eggies World" leads with 25,000 TRX

The Chain Travel Weekly is a weekly summary of last week's chain travel performance, while displaying the latest chain travel information.

1 data inventory

  • This week's Ethereum chain tour performance is acceptable, although the rankings do not move, still the "encryption hero" occupied the first, but in the daily life, the number of daily transactions has a significant overall increase;

  • In EOS, the highly-recognized "Encryption Sword and Magic" Beta service ended, and the final version was released on the 15th. Its data is also a small climax, and it has reached the fourth place in the EOS list. "XPET Monster World" squeezed the list;

  • This week's new lineup in the wave field, "Eggies world" has exceeded the general significance, and the online line climbed to the second place in the week, although this may be attributed to the fact that the wave field itself is not active except for "HyperSnakes". Cause

  • IOST's best black horse "IOSTLAND" data this week has rushed to the first, on the contrary, "Fun 2048" performance is slightly bleak;

  • Although the top five in this week has a small increase or decrease, but the change is not big, it is worth noting that "HyperDragons Go! "There has almost doubled the volume of daily and daily trading, although this has no effect on its top position.

The following is the data details:





Wave field:






2 chain travel express

In this issue of the new chain tour, two new games "Eggies World" and "Crypto mining world" were officially launched this week; "Skyweaver" received $3.75 million in seed round financing, which is currently being tested; and the Enjin universe adds another member. Dissolution opens the alpha test on Steam.


Here are the game details:

"Eggies World" is on the wave field with 25,000 TRX!


"Eggies World" is a development online game on the TRON chain. The initial player gets an egg and gets a unique little monster through one to two weeks of incubation time. Without a doubt, this unique little monster is the game's NFT.

The hatchery of small monsters requires experience and wave-based shitcoin, and players can gain experience and TRX through daily activities. Each coin affects the properties of the monster. The monster can starve to death and will not be killed. After death, it can take 100TRX to resurrect. After the resurrection, it has different DNA.

There is a 6V6 team PVP system in the game, which is the ultimate realization of the monster's combat power. The winner will receive a series of rewards.

Now that the game is online this week, all players will also be divided into various promotional gifts, including 25,000 TRX airdrops!

Official website:

"Skyweaver" – a trading card game from a different dimension


"Skyweaver" is a card strategy PVP page tour on Ethereum. Just like the previous card chain tour, each unique card in the game is NFT, which is registered in Ethereum's wallet and can be used in Trading on the chain. To this end, the development team also created the Arcadeum veranda and wallet.

Game Background: SkyWeaver is the habitat of all creatures in SkyWeaver settings, where players can get the resources and mana needed.

Featured gameplay: Players use mana, skills, summon creatures, and spells to participate in confrontation. Based on the concept of “only child”, there can only be one card per card in the deck; there is no upper limit in the mana pool, and the number of rounds increases; the unique “prism system”; creatures and spells come from eight elements, different elements Combinations produce different effects.

The game studio Horizon has received $3.75 million in seed financing from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Official website:

Dissolution – tactical MMORPG FPS chain tour


"Dissolution" is a member of the Enjin universe, a chain tour that combines MMORPG and FPS. To improve the Enjin universe, the blockchain portion of the game will undoubtedly be built on Ethereum, and the in-game items and related NFTs are directly linked to the Enjin universe. When a player wants to trade an item, all items will be circulated to different Enjin wallets in the form of ERC-1155. This allows ordinary players without blockchain experience to adapt quickly.

Game Background: In 2418, after the devastating extermination war of artificial intelligence, the United Space Front desperately tried to recover their losses and regain control of the solar system. In the vacuum of power and space, anyone has ample opportunities. Whether you want to fight for humanity or give up humanity, you have the opportunity to leave your mark.

The game is currently open for alpha testing on Steam and is expected to open beta on August 25.


Official website:

"Crypto mining world" – the quirky mining chain tour


This is a land sale and mining chain tour on ETH. First, players can purchase land at a price of 0.02 ETH per piece, and then excavate the land. The rewards for mining are divided into five kinds – silver, gold, gems, hands. Crafts, keys, also correspond to the basic structure of this game.

  • Silver, gold – fortified items of gems

  • Gemstones – determine your mining capacity, the higher the level, the more you mine.

  • Handicrafts – speeding up the speed and efficiency of mining

  • Key – Open the ETH Treasure Box (the game contains a treasure chest containing ETH, the maximum value of 2000ETH, the number of boxes and the number of land sold in the entire game directly linked)

Official website:

3 IOST column

The IOST column is a special section of the chain teahouse for IOST. Each issue will be comprehensively reported and counted on the IOST online and upcoming online tour.

This issue:


"XPET Monster World":


XPET Monsters World is an encrypted pet battle strategy game using the underlying technology of blockchain. The game consists of 1 million cute pets. Each pet is unique in shape and gene, distributed in 6 continents, 201 In the territory, the player can upgrade the pet level by completing the copy task, and improve the pet's comprehensive combat power by equipping weapons, props, etc., the player can also play the role of the lord in the game, strengthen the territory defense by upgrading the building, and strengthen the army. Strength, and free to buy and sell pets, props and territories in the market.

Official website:



Herorats is a charity minesweeper game on the IOST chain. The basic rules of the game are basically the same as those of the same mine-sweeping game. In Heroes, players can play games by selecting countries with different sizes and mines (ie different difficulty zones in the game). Only the mines here are encrypted.

Next is the game's feature as a blockchain game. Players can choose from three modes: Bill Gates mode, miser mode and practice mode. The first two modes involve the Token built into the game – the banana. Bananas can be obtained by purchase and gift.

  • Bill Gates mode: 18% of the total prize pool is distributed to players and 21% is donated to the Apope Fund.

  • The miser mode: In this mode you can get 35% of the total prize pool and only donate 4% to the Apopo fund.

  • Practice mode: 1% of the Bill Gates mode or the miser mode bonus will be transferred to the practice mode. Players can still donate after winning the game and receive a small amount of reward.

  • 50% of the total prize pool will be transferred to the next round of games.

The game contains charitable attributes, and every time a player wins a match, they will send a donation to the civilians who have suffered from the war-torn landmines.

Official website:

AI Gobang:


The first Dapp "AI Backgammon" that IOST and the chain travel world cooperate seems to be the test of the cooperation between the two sides. Whether it is the way of light entertainment or the pan-world game of Gomoku seems to confirm this. However, since it is marked by the chain tour, it determines that the game is more than just an unrewarded competition. In fact, IOST's positioning is a decentralized social competitive platform. The focus of its general economics does not seem to be game props, but the player's assets, transactions, dividend records, and the player's position and record will be recorded in the IOST blockchain. No one can tamper with it and remain absolutely open. And fair. At the same time, the game's built-in Token can be used as a consumption of real-life PK, purchase AI items, pledge and dividends. This last point seems to be gambling. Let us look forward to going online next week for more information.