The Tether hearing is getting closer and closer, and the cryptocurrency market is inevitably fluctuating

A major event in the capital market is about to happen. The science and technology board will open for trading next Monday. This week, several big brothers basically greeted the younger brothers with a shrinking attitude. After the market opens, there must be a big direction. Sexual choice.

Compared with A-shares, US stocks have become more powerful, and they have hit new highs. Unconsciously, they have gone through a big bull market for ten years. There is almost no major adjustment in the middle. Friends who have listened to investment banks analyzed that US stocks are equivalent to us. The real estate can always find the reason for the rise. When the economy is not good, the currency has the expectation of releasing water. When the economy is good, there is an expectation of endogenous growth. If it rises, it will rise and rise.

Looking at our currency circle, the raging bears don't go down, the cows don't get up, the squat jumps up, the current currency circle seems more like a monkey market, the weekend gold does not open, but we see the gold trend on Friday night is very subtle, the new high After that, it quickly fell back. It was a bit tempting. The gold bulls were very hurt. It is estimated that they will continue to consolidate in the short term.

So can Bitcoin, which is currently tied to gold, be able to achieve new heights independently? Obviously it is impossible. At present, it does not have the conditions for new highs. I personally think that it will be dominated by shock consolidation in the short term. The Tether hearing will be held soon. The sharp fluctuations of usdt during the hearing can be avoided. Whether Bird TEDA can escape this crisis is worthy of attention.

Even if TEDA goes out of business, the impact on other cryptocurrencies is very short-lived. Nowadays, many compliant stable currencies are already waiting to grab the market share of usdt. After a short period of volatility, they will return to the original trajectory, only in this process. How many happy couples in the middle?


Today, I saw some analysts think that BTC's time-sharing out of the head and shoulders form, I do not agree with this view, we can see from the picture, the current trend is indeed similar to the shape of the head and shoulders, but look carefully you will Found a little clue, the normal right shoulder should be gradually no longer in the position of investors, it should be gradually heavy.

There is no similar situation in the target, and the target indicator does not match. The macd indicator has a divergence from the currency price. The kdj indicator also has signs of a dead fork. Adding $11,000 is an important pressure.

Personally think that this point is difficult to break through in the short term, the trend should be repeated, at least will test the support of the 10,000 dollar integer mark again. If the volume is reduced in the process of falling, it will still return to the support of 9,000 dollars, at 9000. Low-sucking near the dollar, effectively falling below $9,000 to leave the market, if the volume can exceed the pressure of 11,000 US dollars, the bearish invalid is bullish to 12,000 US dollars.


This round of ETH is basically a follow-up role. Without big capital participation, I personally think that the target's possible type of V-reversal is very small. At present, it is still fluctuating around 225 US dollars. The volume continues to shrink, indicating that it appears again here. Watching the mood is not conducive to the bulls' upward attack. Maintaining the previous view, the main force may use shocks to repair the indicators that have gone bad. The volume needs to shrink further. The $190-200 should be a short-term bottom.

Personally think that in the short term, the target will be consolidating within the range of 190-225 US dollars, can be low-suction near 190 US dollars, to a high-throwing action near 225 US dollars, effectively break through 225 US dollars to 260 US dollars, effectively fall below $190 left.


BCH rebound is relatively strong, and the oversold rebound has basically reached the first target. At present, 5 antennas have signs of wearing 10 antennas. The macd indicator is still in a weak area, and the volume continues to shrink. The sustainability of the rebound remains to be confirmed. The target does not fall below 5 antennas, or it can continue to move upwards around $345, which can be bullish to $380.

but. I personally prefer to test the support of a $240 point. If I don't break the point, it may induce a small rebound. At this point, I can boldly participate in the rebound. If the price falls below 240, it will be invalid. , leaving the field to wait and see.


BNB once again chose to break through the important pressure of 30 dollars yesterday, but we see that the volume is decreasing, 5 antennas and 10 antennas, the macd indicator is still in the weak area, the trend of the target has been alternative, with Other targets are not the same. This time, the recovery may be testing the pressure of the 60-day moving average. We have seen that the current 60-day moving average and the 120-antenna moving average have turned heads down, putting some pressure on the price of the currency, and patience. Observe whether the volume can break through the 60-day moving average, and if it is again heavy, it will return to the 60-day moving average.

I think that the basics of the standard can rule out the suspicion of temptation, and the possibility of creating a new record high. If it falls below 30 dollars again, it may test the support of 24 dollars again, and I personally think that the big probability is unsustainable and falls below There is no need to increase the amount when you are 30 dollars, as long as the closing station does not return, it will effectively fall below.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis!