BTC is about to break out, and the mainstream currency market is in the confirmation stage.

Yesterday's BTC income of Yang K, today continued yesterday's gains continued to rise, the highest in the morning rose to 10990, and 11000 only one line, at this stage in the vicinity of 10900 adjustment and the top resistance, can break through at any time.

On the BTC daily chart, the Bollinger Bands are parallel and the trend is running in the middle and lower sections of the Bollinger Band. The recent rebound has already broken through the 10-day moving average, successfully standing above the 10-day moving average, and the 5-day moving average remains on the upside. Once the trend continues In the high position, then the next 5-day moving average will wear the 10-day daily average to form a gold fork, the rising market is confirmed, and the long market opens.

Bitcoin's chart indicator MACD is flat above the 0-axis, with a head-up attitude. The STOCH double-line continues to run upwards and will pass through 50 horizontal lines. The long-term market will be confirmed in the near future. The RSI will keep moving upward. Today, BTC is a Concussed upward trend, Chen Chuchu suggested more than one single, supplemented by empty orders; operating strategy, follow the multi-single at 10700-10900 to see 11000-11100, one single breakthrough in the region held to 11300-11500; High-resistance resistance 11200-11300 near the light warehouse to follow up, after the profit quickly leave the field, the operation to maintain more single-based operation mode, with a good stop loss, develop a good habit of worry, is also a long-term profitable security .

ETH Ethereum continued its upward trend yesterday and continued to move upwards. Currently, it is blocked by the 10-day moving average of 235. The volume has been flat and the bullish sentiment is dominant. The overall trend will form a turbulent upward trend. Currently, it is located in the four-hour Bollinger Band. Once the region is broken, the trend will also form a better outbreak.

XRP Ruibo continues to maintain the rhythm of the upswing, and is now close to the middle of the Bollinger Band. Once the region is effectively broken, the market will form a rising trend, and the trend will also usher in a good outbreak, so pay attention to the 0.35 line, and the operation proposal is more than one. The short is supplemented by an empty single, with a support of 0.32 and a resistance of 0.35.

The current rising trend of LTC is blocked in the middle of the Bollinger Band. The 10-day moving average wears a 10-day moving average to form a golden fork. The outbreak phase will be opened soon. After the breakthrough of 105, the trend will be strengthened and the rising market will officially open.

EOS has crossed the 10-day moving average and is expected to form a long market. The recent trend can rush to the top of the 4.5 area, and it will be able to test the attack on 5.0. Breaking through the region, the rising market will be confirmed and enter the outbreak phase.

Most of the recent mainstream currencies are in the confirmation stage of the long market. Once the effective points are broken, the outbreak of the market will come naturally, so many investors and friends will soon be worried, today’s pie party It will break above 11000. Although there are many resistances on the top, there is a strong airdrop force in 11100-11300. When the follow-up can better break through the region, the rising market will officially begin; Friends of the timing of the operation can pay attention to Chen Chuchu's grasp of opportunities.