In the currency circle, how to play the reversal?

If someone tells you that you can turn assets 10 times in just two days (such as investing in 1 bitcoin and getting 10 bitcoins in 48 hours), do you believe it? You must not believe, and you are determined not to believe .

The average person encounters such a fraud scene, either ignores it or reports it spontaneously, and does not entangle too much with the scammer. After all, no one wants to waste time on it.

But recently, on the foreign social news site Reddit, a user named "BCD4" did the opposite and slammed the "swindler" .

The anti-"swindler" extortion and "blackmail" "swindler" methods in the whole process are very simple and very interesting.

The purpose of this article is not to spread blockchain technical knowledge, nor to teach you how to buy coins and stir coins, but to tell you that there are too many scammers, when you face bitcoin (cryptocurrency) scams, you You need to learn to identify the truth and make the necessary counterattacks. The best choice is naturally not to blindly speculate.

There are not many words. How does "BCD4" "blackmail" this "swindler"? What kind of game did two people have? 28 pictures, tell you!

Some time ago, "BCD4" received a message from a stranger named Mhiz Love Vincent on Messenger. "Hi, are you interested in bitcoin mining? No experience, no big gain!"

"BCD4" naturally does not believe these ghosts.

After saying hello, the liar started to be close to "BCD4". "Where are you from? " , "Wow, the Philippines is a good place! "

Then, stepping back to the topic, the liar is ready to start cheating. "Do you have a blockchain wallet?"

"BCD4" thought: "Do I have it? Anyway…"

After confirming that "BCD4" has a blockchain wallet, the scammer continues to flicker:

“Using the ant mining machine S9 to dig bitcoin is super easy, and it digs out 0.041 bitcoins in about an hour!”

“How many bitcoins are there in your wallet?”

"Only 0.01232 bitcoin? Ok, it doesn't matter, I will help you get a good return! "

"You need to provide at least $150! But you can get $1,500 in 48 hours!"

"BCD4": "I finally talked about money, whoever lie, the ghost will believe you."

When the liar sees it, he begins to continue to flicker. "You will make a big profit 100%. Do you want to start now? "

But he did not know that he had fallen into the "Bounds" of "BCD4" .

"I will send you the wallet address now. You will call the money at this address. After 48 hours, you will lie down and count the money!"

"Okay, I am still a bed…"

The liar was more and more arrogant and could not stand it, so "BCD4" began to act.

"Sorry, I can't turn it, I got it wrong…"

"Still not, or give an error. "

The liar is anxious. "Try again, is the network not good…", "Do you have enough money for $150? ", "Can you be less, try $80? "

"Oh, not yet! Maybe because I don't have enough bitcoin, wait a minute, I buy a few!" "BCD4" secretly laughed.

"You buy it quickly, you invest $200, you can earn $2,000 in 48 hours!"

"BCD4" is too deep. "Can I buy more? 200 dollars is too little!" , "How about a bitcoin? "

The liar is fooled! "Great! You can get 10 bitcoins."

"BCD4" was unacceptable and performed again. "If I vote for 8 bitcoins?"

Maybe the liar is too excited and counted wrong. "You will get $80,000! You buy it quickly!"

"BCD4" acting burst! , "What? $800,000? Is mathematics taught by physical education teachers? I refuse! "

"Yes, there is a fee to complete the transaction. You don't have to worry, once the transaction is completed, you will immediately receive $80,000 in revenue! (Who is your math teacher?)

"You messed up? I bought 8 bitcoins for $82,000 . I only got $80,000 when I invested in it. I actually stayed with it? Isn't that good income 10 times? (Who is your math teacher?)

“Why do I invest $82,000, but only get $80,000?”

“Because the mining machine (hardware) has to charge a part of the cost.”

"BCD4" is stupid, "Who is bitmain?"

The liar is very patient, "a machine that lets you quickly dig into Bitcoin…"

"BCD4" continues to be stupid, "bitmain is definitely a superhero"

The liar is going to be mad, "No! You have to start!"

Continue to count math, "But I still don't think I should only receive $80,000…"

"I spent all my money on Bitcoin, and I think I should get 10 times more!"

"Trust me! You will soon receive a huge return! $200 to $2,000 and $8,000 to $80,000. "

"I already have $82,000, stupid.

The liar has no patience, but this time it’s right…

"Investing 8 bitcoins, you can get $828,014.40."

At this time, the scammer sent a false message to win the "BCD4" further trust. "This buddy has already received huge returns, and you have to pay time to invest."

How can "BCD4" be cast! "Good!Invest now!" , "But it is wrong! ", "Is there a problem with my wallet ? " , "Can you try to send a dollar to my wallet address? "

The liar is very helpless. "Well, I have transferred you $1. Have you received it?"

"BCD4" continues to perform. "I haven't received it yet. I just called the customer service and told me to be patient."

"Is it received?"


"Received yet?"


"To fix a wallet, $1 is not enough. Maybe you still need to transfer 8 bitcoins to me! "

Written at the end

Remember, there is no free lunch in the world, and there are not many opportunities to get rich overnight. Greed is the nature of human beings. How to resist inner greed and how to be deceived by being driven by interests is a manifestation of a person becoming more mature. Technology is not guilty, and sin comes from the heart.

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