Blockchain engineering: one of the most overlooked places in the industry

Babbitt News, July 19th, “The Initiative of the Publicity of the East China Region and the Inauguration Ceremony of the Shanghai Science and Technology Office” was held at the Shanghai Navy and People's Integration Industry Base. Yan Ting, founder and CEO of Zhongxiang Bit , said in his opening speech.

“The blockchain technology has been in development for nearly five years since 2015, but the application of blockchain technology is still flourishing. This is a very rare opportunity… The blockchain is an engineering one. Technology, although it has been supported by national policies in recent years, and there are huge amounts of money in the society, it is very difficult to transform the contents of the PPT into actual engineering results ."

In the blockchain industry, very few people emphasize the importance of engineering like Yan Ting . In fact, this is not the first time he raised the issue of blockchain engineering.

On June 1, 2019, at the "2019 China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum" held in Nanjing, Yan Ting said that

“The technical difficulty of blockchain is not great. The biggest difficulty lies in the understanding and engineering of business logic . At present, the competition among domestic blockchain peers is engineering competition, that is, from papers to code, code to software, Software to product process."

On July 2, 2019, at the symposium on "The Impact of Libra and China's Countermeasures" held in Shanghai, Yan Ting said that

“In terms of network connectivity, China can be said to be the best connected country in the world, but the network connectivity in many parts of the world is very poor… no matter whether Libra is reliable or not safe. It will eventually be implemented through engineering, which is the most overlooked place in the industry ."

What is the engineering of blockchain technology? What are the difficulties in achieving engineering? How to overcome these difficulties? After the start-up meeting, the Babbitt reporter interviewed Yan Ting on the related issues of blockchain engineering. The following is the interview content:

Babbitt: What is the so-called engineering of blockchain technology?

Yan Ting : The engineering of software refers to the delivery of a system that can be used normally by the customer. The same is true for the engineering of blockchain technology. The code of the blockchain can run normally and normally in the original production environment of the customer. It is the landing of engineering.

Babbitt: Can you elaborate on how to implement engineering in one or two of these cases?

Yan Ting : We take the 12306 website that everyone is familiar with. The 12306 railway booking system is the most stable and excellent engineering product in human history. Although you seem to have a simple interface, the 12306 system is more complex than any business system you see and hear.

It not only needs to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people who purchase tickets online at the same time – this requires the system to bear the pressure of business concurrent and real-time, which is much larger than the Taobao double eleven shopping festival and the red envelope system than the Spring Festival Evening. At the same time, we must also consider the business initiative of railway ticket purchase. Someone bought a ticket from Beijing to Shanghai. He got off the train from Jinan, how to release the seat and continue to provide services. How to match the railway route map to 12306 Ticket system and so on. Therefore, we believe that 12306 is the most brilliant engineering IT product in China's IT program .
Babbitt: What are the difficulties in the implementation process, how to solve these difficulties?

Yan Ting : Delivered to the customer a system that can be used normally, more specifically to provide customers with a usable, easy-to-use, easy-to-use production system. The usable system is first functional to meet customer needs. The usable system is the test indicators and operation and maintenance pressure to meet the system expectations. The easy-to-use system does not change or minimize the usage habits of the original business system. Fortunately, the user does not feel the addition of a new blockchain back-end, but it does reduce the original business cost, improve business operations and synergy efficiency after using the blockchain technology.

Babbitt: What is the difference in the implementation of blockchain technology compared to other information technologies?

Yan Ting : Blockchain technology is the fusion of various IT technologies such as the underlying database, encryption algorithm, consensus mechanism, P2P, and smart contracts. Therefore, the engineering of blockchain technology is particularly complicated. A company or team that can really engineer blockchain technology, at least 4-5 developers of each IT technology, plus products and test teams , so a blockchain engineering technical team must be at least 30. A 40-person team can have the opportunity and ability to say "we can provide customers with a business system that can be used normally."

In other words, if you see a blockchain team development team less than this number (not to mention development capabilities and quality), we believe that basically this team can not do blockchain engineering.
Babbitt: What practical experience can you share in the 5 years of blockchain application exploration?

Yan Ting : Based on our understanding of IT technology engineering, the industry proposes the “ traditional industry + blockchain ” project implementation method, that is, superimposing blockchain technology in the original business system without changing the original Business logic, user interface, blockchain technology used in the background and customers are not aware in the foreground. This requires us to productize the underlying framework of the blockchain.

We summarize the commonalities of more than 100 cases that have been in the past five years, and found that 70% and 80% of user needs are concentrated in several fixed scenarios, such as supply chain finance, point management, deposit management, Data sharing and traceability management.
Babbitt: To block the blockchain technology company in the actual business, in addition to engineering, what resistance or obstacles are currently encountered?

Yan Ting : Blockchain technology, as the infrastructure of the future value Internet, requires a higher degree of IT informationization of the original business system. As a blockchain engineering technology team, we need a large number of system integrators or business system contractors to work together to serve the ultimate B-end customer. Therefore , whether B-end customers and system integrators are willing to superimpose blockchain technology in the original business system is an important factor affecting the application of blockchain technology.

Babbitt: When do you think the large-scale commercialization of blockchain technology will occur, and what kind of landmark event might start?

Yan Ting : Whether it is bank B, government, public security, agriculture, power, communications, supply chain management and other B-end products, when the system integrators of various industries use the blockchain technology to establish a unified account book on a large scale , Our time to judge the large-scale commercialization of blockchain is officially coming.