Market Analysis: There are more uncertain events. At this time, radicalism is no different from thunder.

In the first half of 2019, the cryptocurrency market recovered from the bear market, while the traditional investment banking sector was in trouble. The transaction income of the top five investment banks in the United States fell sharply in the first half of this year. According to Bloomberg News, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, five major US investment banks, stocks and fixed income transactions fell 14% in the first quarter, followed by a decline in the second quarter of this year. 8%. This will also hit the worst first-half results in a decade. The report believes that the uncertainty of Sino-US trade wars and Fed interest rate changes makes customers more cautious. In the face of the Fed’s interest rate cut, the US banking industry will be further under pressure, and the gold bulls will rise. But all this is a small profit compared to Bitcoin’s return on investment. The bitcoin dark horse pose is amazing globally, and the highest increase is more than 300%, although there is still a slight decline, there is still no small profit, then Bitcoin will continue to triumph in the second half of the year?

From a medium-term perspective, there is not much risk. The probability of continuing to run upwards is still very high, but there are still a few mines to hide in the short term. Buffett lunch will begin on July 25, and it is still uncertain. Is it mine? I personally think that it is more likely to be a mine. Because Bar Master holds a lot of stocks of Wells Fargo, will he give an opponent a platform? Obviously it is unlikely, Sun Master is very likely to kick the iron plate this time, and then the next July 29th Tether hearing, this thunder will burst.


BTC has been oscillating for three days. At present, the 5 antennas have turned heads upwards and formed a golden cross with 10 antennas. The fast line of the macd indicator is leveled around the zero axis. If you want to make the macd indicator gold cross, it must be greatly increased, and To accompany the heavy volume, observe whether the target can be kept above the 5 antennas. If the 5 antennas are lost, the adjustment may be downward. As can be seen from the time-sharing chart, the BTC has already rushed for 11,000 dollars in succession. In the analysis, we also mentioned that the target and the volume of the target in the process of over 11,000 US dollars are not coordinated, indicating that there is a strong wait-and-see mood in this place, and there is still a chance of overshoot in the short-term. If you do, you should actively reduce the position and respond to it. The target may explore whether the support near $9000 is effective.


ETH follows the market's narrow range of fluctuations, the volume continues to shrink, the funds are still on the sidelines, there is no big money to participate, the possibility of getting out of the V-type reversal is very small, and it is still oscillating around 225 US dollars, or the previous view is not Change, the main force may use shocks to repair the indicators that have gone bad, the volume needs further shrinkage, 190-200 dollars should be a short-term bottom, I personally think that the target will be in the short-term 190-225 dollars In the interval, the shock consolidation, can be low-suction near 190 US dollars, to a high-throwing action near 225 US dollars, effectively break through 225 US dollars to 260 US dollars, effectively fell below 190 US dollars to leave.


BCH is also following the market sideways volatility. The current 5 antennas and 10 antennas have already crossed gold, and the price of coins is above 5 antennas. The fly in the ointment is that the macd indicator is still in a weak area, and the volume continues to shrink. The oversold rebound has basically been If you reach the first target, whether you can continue to rebound upwards depends on the BTC and the volume. If the target does not fall below 5 antennas, or you can continue to move upwards to the pressure of 345 US dollars, this point can be bullish to 380 US dollars, but I personally Still more inclined to test the support of a $240 point. If it does not fall below that level, it may induce a small rebound. At this point, you can boldly participate in the rebound. If it falls below 240 dollars, it will be invalid. Wait and see.


BNB yesterday oscillated and adjusted back to step on the important support of 30 dollars, is currently a trend of shrinking back to step, has not fallen below the support of 30 dollars, 5 antenna and 10 antenna gold fork, macd indicator is still in the weak area of ​​the fork, this The second pullback is the 60-day moving average, the target has not yet arrived, the 60-day moving average pressure is very large, and patiently observe whether the volume can be broken. If the volume is broken again, I think the standard can basically eliminate the suspicion and create a new record. Possibility, once again falling below 30 dollars, may test the support of 24 dollars again, and I personally think that the big probability is unsustainable, when you fall below 30 dollars, you don't need to increase the volume, as long as the closing station does not return, even if it falls below effectively I personally prefer the 60-day moving average not to go, the mid-term adjustment is not over.

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