EOS/ETH/TRON Dapp new users are showing a downward trend

According to the RatingToken data, the newly added users of EOS/ETH/TRON's three major public-chain platforms Dapps in the past week were: EOS +17,805, down 0.28% from last week; ETH+27122, down 16.18% from last week; TRON+7527 The chain fell by 0.63% from last week. From the week's active users, EOSDapp week active users were 158,181, up 5.63% from last week, Zhousheng ranked first Dapp as hash_baby (47,806); ETH60,885, down 9.14% from last week, ranking first Dapp for IDEX (12,374); TRON91,206, down 1.61% from last week, ranking first Dapp as ddex (17,787).