Li Hao, Foshan Chancheng Economics Bureau: Blockchain technology will escort intellectual property rights

On April 10th, Li Hao, deputy director of the Economics Bureau of Chancheng District, Foshan, said that industrial design is one of the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. However, the Internet era is easy to be plagiarized, and the speed of secondary modification is very fast. The owner's rights are not effectively protected, the power is difficult to defend, the rights are difficult to defend, and the transaction is difficult to deal with the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the original designer. The application of blockchain technology, real-time chain-to-chain deposit and confirmation, guarantees that information is not falsified, and greatly guarantees the confirmation, transaction and rights protection of industrial design copyright. Li Hao said: "I hope that the copyright blockchain platform will fill the gap between the blockchain + industrial design copyright under the strong support of the government and endorsement, and promote the applicability of this open platform, and hand over control to the market and hand over to the enterprise. To do so, I hope the platform can reduce the cost of infringement and protect the rights of copyright holders."