Report | Analysis of the Development Status of Blockchain Game Industry in June 2019


This is a solitary carnival belonging to Bitcoin, and more speculative things will fall unpredictably before dawn.

In the market situation where digital currency is getting warmer, the DApp eco and blockchain game industry seems to have withdrawn from the spotlight, and the practitioners' original enthusiasm has gradually disappeared. Of course, this also reflects the current development status of the industry. Although the number of DApps is growing, the quality has always stagnated. The participants of the profit-making figure have gradually turned to the new road of wealth freedom under the blank of new gameplay.

In June, in addition to the increase in the number of DApp active users and monthly transactions in Ethereum, EOS and wavefields both dropped significantly, almost squatting. At the same time, the rankings of the game platforms of the major underlying platforms have not changed much, and there is a shortage of fresh blood. In order to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the current blockchain game industry, this article will be based on the three public chains of Ethereum, EOS, and Wavefield, supplemented by Ontology, and conduct research and analysis from different dimensions, including DApp types. The number of active users, the number of monthly transactions, the monthly transaction amount, and the specific head DApp, etc., and draw corresponding conclusions. I hope to provide some reference for practitioners.

01 DApp basic data analysis

For the time being, although the major underlying public chains have successively listed DApp eco or blockchain games as the development focus, the heat is mainly concentrated in Ethereum, EOS and wave field TRON. Ontology has recently surpassed it. Potential. Therefore, the chain fish (ID: lianyu180807) takes these four public chains as the main research objects and analyzes their related DApp data.

According to data from the SpiderStore website, the number of DApps in Ethereum was 1492 in June, up from 23 in the previous month; the number of DApps on EOS was 480, adding 23; a total of 357 DApps were running on the wave field. 27 new ones; the number of DApps on the ontology is 37.

In June, the number of DApp active users in Ethereum was 227,300, an increase of 18.95% from the previous month, the highest since June last year, and the upward trend in the last two months was very strong .

In the same month, the number of DApp active users on EOS was 191,500, a decrease of 22.45% from the previous month, and the number of users was less than half of that in April this year. Like EOS, the number of DApp monthly active users in the wave field also showed a downward trend, only 126,700 this month, down 43.29% from the previous month.

In June, a total of 2,005,300 DApps in Ethereum occurred, down 3.37% from the previous month; EOS totaled 134 million, an increase of 8.94% from the previous month; the wave field was 13.9699 million, down 43.46% from the previous month.

As for the monthly trading volume of DApp, Ethereum sold a total of 1,903,400 ETHs in June, a surge of 68.28%. This data is the sixth consecutive growth month in 19 years, second only to the historical peak of 2.0823 million ETH set in May 2017. If the average price of Ethereum is US$310 on June 30, it will be equivalent to more than 590 million US dollars.

EOS DApp traded a total of 60,736,600 EOS, a decrease of 42.28% from the previous month, and continued the downward trend since the historical peak in December last year. If the EOS average price of 6.2 US dollars on June 30, the dollar is equivalent to more than 377 million.

TRON DApp traded a total of 10.556 billion TRX, down 21.06% from the previous month. Although the slowdown has slowed down, it has not broken the downward trend since March this year. If the average price of TRX on June 30 is US$0.035, the US dollar will be equivalent to 369 million.

That is to say, in terms of the amount of DApp transactions in June, ETH >EOS>TRON.


02 DApp Type Analysis

As of June 30, in the 1492 Ethereum DApps tracked, the number of game DApps was 458, accounting for 31%; the number of contest DApps was 661, accounting for 44%; the number of DApps on the trading market was 94. , accounting for 6%; the number of social DApps is 10, accounting for 1%; the number of other types of DApp is 269, accounting for 18%.

Among the 480 EOS DApps tracked, the number of game DApps was 61, accounting for 13%; the number of contest DApps was 320, accounting for 67%; the number of DApps on the trading market was 35, accounting for 7%; The number of DApps is 7 and the proportion is 1%; the number of other types of DApps is 57, accounting for 12%.

Among the 357 wavefield DApps tracked, the number of game DApps is 41, accounting for 11%; the number of quiz DApps is 283, accounting for 79%; the number of DApps on the trading market is 14, accounting for 4%; The number of social DApps is 2, accounting for 1%; the number of other types of DApps is 17, accounting for 5%.

Among the 37 ontology DApps tracked, the number of game DApps is 18, accounting for 49%; the number of quiz DApps is 9, accounting for 24%; the number of DApps in the trading market is 1, accounting for 3%; The number of DApps of the type is 9, accounting for 24%.

It can be seen from the DApp type chart in recent months that regardless of Ethereum , EOS or wave field, the distribution of DApps of various types has stabilized. Among them, the number of contested DApps > the number of game DApps > the number of DApps in the trading market, and in the EOS and wave field blockchain, the former's development speed and scale are much higher than the latter two.

In contrast, the ontology's DApp ecological development is more balanced. In the case of the project side vigorously promote the quality DApp incentive plan, the game DApp occupies half of the country, which is more than double the quiz DApp.

However, as we said before, the existing DApp ecological development is not benign, the practitioners are eager for quick success, and the participants are profit-seeking. This kind of situation has intensified the barbaric growth of the quiz DApp. The natural choice of this kind of market is not a single project that can be changed by itself. It is still unknown whether it can suppress the quiz DApps to exchange for a more viscous user group and a more balanced ecological construction. In the final analysis, content and fun DApps can attract more core players.


03 DApp specific classification comparison

For the time being, the DApp types on the three public chains (ETH, EOS, TRON) are mainly concentrated in games, trading markets, social, and quiz, and the different platforms have different priorities.

Compared with May, the number of DApp active users in Ethereum did not fluctuate much in the trading market, social class and other categories, but it increased by 104.59% in the game category and 22.41% in the quiz category.

However, the amount of DApp transactions, including games, trading markets, and quiz, has declined to some extent this month, with declines of 39.73%, 2.09%, and 23.35%, respectively. In contrast, other DApp transactions surged this month, from 72,915 ETH in May to 979,914 ETH, an increase of 12.44 times. After analysis, it was found that the transaction volume of Edgeware Lockdrop was mainly soaring.

In June, the number of EApp DApp active users only changed in the quiz category, down 26.96% from the previous month. However, the trading volume of different types of DApps fluctuated significantly, the game category increased by 49.97%; the quiz category decreased by 36.50%; the trading market decreased by 56.92%; the other categories decreased by 54.67%.

The fluctuation of the wave field is even more dramatic. The number of active users in the trading market and quiz DApp decreased by 7.98% and 50.22% respectively, while the transaction volume decreased by 39.89% and 19.11% respectively.

Interestingly, although the number of active users of game DApps on the wave field dropped by 85.16%, the monthly transaction volume soared 1.18 times. After analysis, it was found that the main transaction volume of HyperSnakes increased significantly this month.

04 DApp Rankings

Considering that the volume of most DApps is very low, almost zero, the chain fish (ID: lianyu180807) has compiled the monthly trading amount of Ethereum, EOS and the game head DApp on the wave field, which is more intuitively displayed. The difference between the two.

Compared with last month, a rookie "ARINA LAND TYCOON" appeared on the list this month. It is reported that this is a blockchain version of the Monopoly + Virtual City game, which has maintained a high level of daily life since its launch on June 6.

In addition to individual games, such as: HyperSnakes, BlockChain Cuties monthly transaction volume has increased, the rest of the game has seen a certain decline.

Considering that the development of game DApps on EOS and TRON is far less than that of Ethereum, the top five DApps in Japan are selected for analysis and comparison.

Compared with last month, the top four of the list did not change, and the original fifth "XPet" was replaced by "sword and magic." In addition, the "EOS Three Kingdoms" transaction volume increased by 1.73 times this month.

In June, HyperSnakes maintained a high popularity and was the absolute leader in monthly trading volume. Compared with the previous month, other games on the list have seen a decrease in monthly water flow.

05 Other data analysis

This month, there are many moves in the public chain, the game team or the asset standard construction.

As far as the underlying platform is concerned, the ontology announced a strategic partnership with gumi Cryptos Inc., which will help it enter the Japanese digital currency market and collaborate on games, entertainment and media campaigns; Cocos-BCX opened the test version 1.0 in the first half. At the same time as the “Gangrenboqi” public beta, the test network eco-incentive plan was simultaneously opened, and more than 100 team members have been applied for; the Loom Network official has released an open source wallet “Loom wallet” – it will be integrated into the lock. Warehouse management panel to bring a better experience to users.

In terms of games, several game studios also opened pre-sales and joint activities, such as: 0xGames new work – blockchain racing game "0xRacers", RPG game encryption and magic (Crypto Sword and Magic) and blockchain racing The game "Battle Racers" and the "Axie Infinity" linkage theme NFT pre-sale and so on.

In addition, one of the most noteworthy events is that the Enjin ERC-1155 standard has been officially accepted by the Ethereum core development team , which means that ERC-1155 can be easily applied in the future games in Ethereum. The interoperability of other assets of the game also greatly reduces development costs.

Source: Chain fish