Business Development Manager: The cost of water and electricity for Sichuan Encrypted Miners is usually around RMB 0.2 per kWh.

Shaun Chong, mining product manager, said that hydropower provides a good way to exploit excess electricity for cryptocurrency mining and also provides funding for renewable energy. As the price of cryptocurrency rises, the profitability of mining mining has increased significantly. “The sales of cloud mining are much better during the bull market,” he said. works with mining data centers in the US, Sweden and China. Chong said: “They are using hydropower, all our clouds are digging. Mines are driven by hydropower.” Kirk Su, business development manager for's China operations, said most mining companies operating in Sichuan have direct contractual relationships with hydropower plants they choose to build mines. These contracts do provide a lower price for the encrypted miners. Su added: "Everyone gets the same price, but usually around 0.2 yuan, about $0.03 per kilowatt."