Opinion: At present, blockchain cloud services have a certain premium space.

According to Caijing.com, Jingdong Cloud and JD.com jointly announced that they will reach a cooperation in the blockchain field and jointly launch the “cloud” construction plan for Zhisheng Chain. At present, Jingdong Cloud official website has officially launched the "blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability" and "blockchain digital deposit certificate" two Jingdong cloud market SaaS applications. “The cloud service market has great potential and potential, but the competition for homogenization is very serious. Therefore, by providing blockchain cloud services, differentiated services can be created, and now the concept of blockchain is widespread and popular. It is also very high, from the perspective of marketing strategy is a good selling point, and compared to other cloud services, the current blockchain cloud service has a certain premium space." It is worth noting that blockchain + cloud computing can The long-term direction is also closely related to the current market share of the company.