The first batch of PIZZA transaction pairs on the three major exchanges

PIZZA will officially launch BigONE at 12:00 on July 23, opening the PIZZA/USDT trading pair. PIZZA has been on the old exchange AEX and the Tiger Trade Exchange (HOO), and the community has responded enthusiastically.

PIZZA is the governing currency of the stable currency system PIZZA-USDE on EOS, and the holder has the right to participate in system governance. The system is supported by EOS two super nodes Starteos and HelloEOS to supervise the system operation, and the technical support is provided by the "Technical Laboratory of Blockchain Technology Research and Application" and the Stabilization Coin Research Institute of the University of Electronic Science and Technology. Previously, it has been supported by more than 10 mainstream wallets and has been stationed in the slow fog EOS eye, and access to the slow fog FireWall.X provides security.