Ethereum's additional issuance proposal was ridiculed, and community members said it was a disaster.

On July 23, a new proposal to temporarily improve the Ethereum inflation rate to fund the development of Ethereum was strongly resisted by community developers.

It is reported that this EIP-2025 , which was proposed last month, was mentioned at the Ethereum Core Developers Conference on July 18. With this idea, it is recommended to increase the Ethereum created by each block within 18 months, and then the new funds will flow to a funding organization, which in turn will promote the development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

However, this proposal has been widely criticized by members of the Ethereum community.

Spankchain CEO Ameen Soleimani is one of the high-profile critics who said:

1. Ethereum 1.x will be eliminated according to the design, and the value invested will only deteriorate within a few years;
2. The increase in circulation will not be conducive to Ethereum as a value storage medium.

In addition, Ryan Adams, founder of cryptocurrency company Mythos Capital, Anthony Sassano of SetProtocol, and David Hoffman, director of operations for the RealT platform, all opposed the proposal. Andrew Redden, CTO of Groundhog Pay, said "EIP-2025 is a disaster."


It is reported that the main focus of community debates is on who gets these rewards and who manages the use of these rewards. According to EIP-2025, the extra reward will last for 18 months. However, unlike the block reward, the extra funds will not flow to the miners who protect the network security, but to an independent organization. But the question is who manages these funds?

James Hancock, who made this suggestion, admitted:

“I don’t know the best way to organize these funds,” he suggested creating a DAO to allocate funds to the right project.

The person who made this proposal widely known was Gnosis product researcher Eric Conner, who said:


“Reading the latest Ethereum core developer’s conference call record, it seems that EIP-2025 is being seriously considered as the EIP of Istanbul. EIP-2025 adds 0.044 ETH to each block and continues to 3.1 million blocks, then Equivalent to the issuance of 136,400 ETH, and they are used as a development fund.
This is absolutely ridiculous, it can't happen.

But it seems to be nothing to do. After reviewing the records of the Ethereum core developer conference, we found that the proposal was not taken seriously.

“There is nothing in the record that this is seriously considered, and the only content involved is raised by the author of the proposal,” developer Udi Wertheimer points out, adding that “I know this proposal is an unacceptable opportunity. ""

On the other hand, software engineer Mitch Kosowski commented:

“If developers get block rewards, they will run to enjoy on the beach instead of improving the Ethereum!”

This incident is very similar to the previous event that some people proposed that the core issue additional Bitcoin and cause a lot of misunderstandings. There will always be people who want to do things. What do you think?