Security Alert: Telegram "moving brick arbitrage" fraud has a new case, two users were tricked into 521 ETH

In the near future, lawless elements have used the concept of “moving bricks and arbitrage” to scam, and such scams have been tried and tested in Telegram. According to monitoring, Telegram "removed brick arbitrage" scam again appeared two new victims, two users were defrauded 521 ETH. The criminals lied that they could exchange ETH for HT at a ratio of 1:88, tricking the "Little White" user into transferring the ETH into the fraudster account 0x106a6cb5… and 0x5655A46… to redeem the fake HT (false HT contract address: 0x87091cb…; 0x9288db9 …). Currently, the scammer has transferred funds to the new addresses 0x5ad51e… and 0xdFd78…, CoinHunter will continue to monitor the further flow of tracking funds. CoinHunter hereby reminds all users that all information related to the fire currency should be announced on the official website of the Fire Coin. Users should not trust the third party to avoid loss of assets.