Binance Dex officially launched FSN and synchronized open transactions

Binance Dex officially launched (FSN) at 8:00 AM today, and the FSN/BNB transaction was opened at 8:00 AM on July 23, 2019, China time.

FUSION is an interconnected ecosystem of financial transactions. FUSION provides the power for the next wave of blockchain financial innovation through decentralized interoperability and time-valued digital assets. At FUSION, any digital asset is interrelated, freely interacting, and promotes seamless integration of other business and technical systems. Blockchain development is easy to implement on FUSION because it has many financial-centric APIs, such as Quantum Swap and Time Lock, which greatly reduces the need to write complex smart contracts.

In addition to the $12.2 billion in assets announced last year to FUSION, FUSION has established partnerships with more than 50 private and government companies, and cooperation with AXP is expected to result in hundreds of millions of dollars in loans. With the successful launch of the main network on June 30, 2019, more than 300 nodes participated in the mining, which now covers 4 continents. FUSION's current cycle supply is 3224, 8665 FSN.