Analysis: BTC rebound market was significantly suppressed by 6 hours MA60, and the medium-term weak pattern has not changed.

According to OKEx's quarterly contract data, although the quarterly contract price of Bitcoin hit a large rebound after hitting $9,000, it was significantly suppressed when it touched the 6-hour chart MA60 moving average and caused the price of coins to fall. OKEx analyst Charles believes that the 6-hour MA60 moving average has an important guiding role in the direction of the mid-term direction of Bitcoin. At present, the moving average is in a downward trend, which means that the medium-term trend is still in a weak pattern. In the later period, it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between the moving average and the currency price. It is necessary to be cautious before the currency price is clearly broken. Bitcoin quarter contract day resistance is $10,850 and support is $9,500.