Chainshare Cloud Technology and Qixingwan Yacht Club reached a replacement cooperation agreement for digital assets and physical assets

On July 23, Hong Kong was born with a huge replacement of digital assets and physical assets. In the "Starting Bay Area, Commercial Global" chain to enjoy the transfer of the Seven Star Bay Yacht Club equity and enjoy the cloud chain node global recruitment start-up, the chain of cloud technology CEO Li Linwei and Qixing Bay Yacht Club executive director Li Jian signed a strategic cooperation agreement The chain will enjoy the 260 million shares of the seven-star bay yacht club with a value of 2.6 billion yuan to jointly promote the digital economy development of the blockchain technology and create a new form of ocean economy in the Dawan District. Ding Chaojie, Vice President of New World Technology Group, Zhang Junyong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Society, Distinguished Professor of the National “Thousand Talents Program” and Cai Weide, Chairman of the Central Asia Association Block Chain Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, witnessed the signing ceremony. And enjoy the cloud chain and chain in the digital economy, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District and the development of the marine economy and other fields have made a wonderful outlook.

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