PandaPool officially announced its participation in the campaign than the original chain Bystack node recruitment

According to official news of the original chain, PandaPool has announced official participation in the Bystack node campaign. Bystack is a blockchain-based BaaS platform based on the original chain, enabling rapid creation, management and maintenance of enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications. As a PandaPool node operator, the Panda Mine has been deeply cultivating the mining industry for many years, providing users with first-class mining, cloud computing, custody, mining pool and other mining industry chain services, accumulating a large number of loyal miners and active holders, total users The amount is over 800,000. The Panda Mining Machine will take advantage of its unique advantages to create a unique PoW+PoS economic model, providing PTM and Bystack with support for PoW+PoS in all directions, and building a more secure and stable consensus system to promote the benign development of the BTM ecosystem.