Data show: BTC fell below 10,000 US dollars, the market value of the market remained stable

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 18:00 on July 23, the BTC price was $9997.29, which has fallen below $10000, with a market value of $178,283.83M. The 24HBTC trading volume of the mainstream exchange is about $1,329.88M, up 57.2% from yesterday. In terms of computing power, after the BTC computing power is high, there is a certain fall; in terms of the number of active addresses, the number of active addresses of BTC keeps a downward trend; in terms of market value, the market value of BTC remains stable, currently about 65.16%; July 17, The U.S. House of Representatives did not raise a substantive issue at Libra’s hearing. Bitcoin prices have risen to $11,100, and then have shrunk and are now around $10,000. From the UTC 22nd exchange data, in the three exchanges of Bitfinex, Coinbase and Bitstamp, Bitstamp's active buy orders are more than sell orders, and even less willing to fall. In addition, the hearings of Bitfinex and Tether will be held on July 29, and investors should pay attention to the risks involved.