What is the future of Bitcoin? These 7 CEOs may be able to tell you the answer.

Everyone has a different view of Bitcoin, but does anyone know what the future of this digital currency is? At the recent Fortune Financial Brainstorming Conference, questions about "What is the future of Bitcoin?" were raised by the moderator, and the answer to this question was the CEO of seven companies and the COO of a company.

Here are the answers from these executives:

Hikmet Ersek, CEO of Western Union, said:

“The blockchain is definitely an interesting processing model. I believe that the currency must be issued by the central bank. It must be controlled by the government… and Bitcoin, in my opinion, will not exist for a long time.”

P7 (Figure 1: Western Union CEO Hikmet Ersek)

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, a former executive at Bank of America, has a fresh look:

"I don't know, does anyone think I can know?"

P9 (Figure 2: Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck)

Amber Baldet, head of the former blockchain business at JPMorgan Chase, and CEO of the blockchain startup Clovyr, said:

"Bitcoin technology is in a state of evolution in the wild. People learn it, modify it, and in some cases, the problems it solves and what people need to get from it will always exist."

P3 (Figure 3: Clovyr CEO Amber Baldet)

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of cryptocurrency payment service Circle, said:

“Bitcoin is expanding its role as a non-sovereign, private, unreviewable value digital storage medium.”

P8 (Figure 4: Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire)

Vinny Lingham, CEO of blockchain startup Civic, said:

“Some people think that Bitcoin is a value storage medium, everyone should buy it and hold it to cope with the global economic collapse. Others think Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency for point-to-point payments.”

P2 (Figure 5: Civic CEO Vinny Lingham)

Henrique Dubugras, CEO of credit card startup Brex, said:

“I believe Bitcoin will be a better way to store value for those who live in countries where the value of the currency is highly volatile.”

P4 (Figure 6: Brex CEO Henrique Dubugras)

Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital Money Group (DCG), said:

"Bitcoin has the same attributes as gold…"

P5 (Figure 7: DCG CEO Barry Silbert)

Adam White, the COO of the Bakkt exchange under the New York Stock Exchange, said:

“In the past, we only saw it in the realm of sovereign countries (such as money). Now through technology and software, we can achieve it through decentralization.”

P6 (Figure 8: Bakkt COO Adam White)

What is the future of Bitcoin? Welcome to express your opinion.