Media: Net transmission BLOC overflow circulation is not flowing to the market

On April 10th, it was reported that 300 million pieces of building block cloud tokens were transferred out of circulation. The financial network asked the building block cloud, and the building block said that the 300 million tokens would not enter the sales circulation. The following is the announcement: 300 million tokens are not from the foundation, but from the private equity unlock. At the beginning of the block cloud lock contract, the private unlocking method was first unlocked 20%, and the total private equity was 1.5 billion, so the first batch of unlocked tokens was 1.5 billion *0.2=300 million. The Blockcloud team promised that BLOC's liquidity will not change due to the transfer of this part of the token, but will be transferred to private investors in batches according to the supply dividend plan. The initial liquidity of BLOC will not change, at 665 million.