Babbitt SheKnows 丨 Qiu Xiaodong: The biggest uncertainty of ETH2.0 is where to go for a large number of GPU computing power

Babbitt News, on the evening of July 23, Qiu Xiaodong, head of the China market of Spark Pool, said in the Babit online live program She Knows, "For the mines we deal with PoW miners every day, the beacon chain is connected and connected. The development plan that has come down means that the PoS era of Ethereum is coming soon. It may be a panic or an encouragement for the Ethereum miners, because many ETH miners are also ETH holders, especially the ETH miners who return the mines. For the future development of Ethereum, it is very much expected. For the mine pool, it means that the service users may be exponential growth. This is a big challenge. The most worthwhile change is that the Ethernet 2 of Ethereum can carry more The data and information have greatly improved the performance of Ethereum, which is very exciting for me. The biggest uncertainty is that as ETH gradually turns to PoS, what is the GPU's computing power, ETS's PoS The governance and economic model of the route has not yet been fully determined. The public chain governance of PoS is a very new thing, and all kinds of possible things will happen."