The Ethereum team considered implementing EIP-2025 in the upgrade of Istanbul, which was opposed by developers.

According to Ethereum World News, the Ethereum team is considering the EIP-2025 as an upgrade to Istanbul. As the inflation rate will increase accordingly, this move has caused considerable controversy among developers. Therefore, the proposal sparked a series of debates and objections from developers. EIP-2025 recommends an increase of 0.0055 ETH per block for 18 months, as a developer block award, reserved for funding Etherum 1.X development. This will increase block rewards within the specified time frame. Gnosis product researcher Eric Conner believes the move is ridiculous and the community should not allow it to happen. Spankchain CEO Ameen Soleimani also expressed opposition because he believes that increasing block rewards for this purpose will weaken the appearance of Ethereum as a value store. Other critical voices include: Ryan Adams, founder of encryption investment company Mythos Capital, David Hoffman, director of operations at RealT, and Anthony Sassano, marketing manager at SetProtocol.