Babbitt SheKnows 丨 Li Zongcheng: The next round of bull market must be led by the basic innovation of major innovation

Babbitt News, on the evening of July 23, Time Stamp Capital CEO Li Zongcheng said in the Babit online live program She Knows that it is hard to say who will lead the next round of bull market, and it must be a major innovation to play a leading role. The basic public chain, because this public chain expands the new application scenario of the blockchain. He also pointed out that the emergence of Ripple enables the blockchain to be used in payment settlement (regardless of whether you admit that he is a blockchain), making BTC's market value in 2014 reach below 80% for the first time; the emergence of ETH The blockchain account can not only record numbers, but also record contracts. The market value of BTC hits below 40% for the first time in 2017. With the advancement of technology, new projects are expanding in new areas, BTC The proportion of market capitalization will continue to decline. The reasons for optimistic about Ethereum are: BTC is value storage, status is similar to gold, Ethereum is more like securities infrastructure, most of the future tokens will be issued based on Ethereum, different tokens, corresponding to different applications, and more The combination of multiple applications enables Ethereum to carry more users and richer transactions. If the scale of Ethereum users exceeds BTC, then the market value will exceed ETH. All the firsts are waiting to be surpassed. If it is not ETH, there must be other projects with market capitalization exceeding BTC.