Analyst Xiao Lei: The speculation Buffett luncheon is a peak of marketing

According to every news from the Internet, today, Sun Yuchen, the founder of the encrypted digital currency wave field, said on Weibo that “the sudden kidney stones are being treated in the hospital, and the lunch meeting with Mr. Buffett is cancelled. The current physical condition is stable and at During the recovery period, you cannot accept an interview. Please forgive me." According to Xiao Lei, a digital currency analyst, “There are two projects in the digital currency market. One is technology, and the CTO (CTO) has finally become the leader of the project, using his technical ideals, organization, and algorithms. , the community, let more people participate in this matter, and then push the price of the coin. There is also a model, that is, full marketing. If you participate, I can promise you a lot of benefits, and even invest in you. With Buffett Such people meet, I think this is the peak of marketing. Next is the turning point, it is difficult to create a more sensation than eating with Buffett."