I just visited Huaqiang North, I found that ants and horses are out of stock.

If the information comes too slowly, you can't keep up with the trend.

(by Aberdini)


Since April, the continuous rebound of bitcoin prices has caused a stir in the mining machinery. Last year, the bear market, which was once frozen in the bear market, is gradually warming up.

Before the long bear market, dug out a bitcoin, the mine even needed to lose 10,000 yuan, once the confidence to participate in mining is greatly reduced, however, with the conversion of the bulls and bears, the bonus period of the flood season and the entire industry The cognitive upgrade, the mining revenue has risen again.

The sales person of the Huaqiang North mining machine shop revealed to the 45 district that the ant and Shenma mining machines are now out of stock. And not only is the stock out of stock, the futures have also delayed delivery.

According to normal circumstances, Shenma’s current futures should arrive, but in fact most of them cannot be obtained. The futures that the original customer can get in August cannot be obtained as scheduled.


The return period is less than 5 months

Shenzhen Huaqiang North, China Electronics First Street, is also one of the world's largest distribution centers for mining machines. The shops here are still equipped with computers, but what they do is actually the mining machine business.

"How many mining machines will receive a lot of mining machines, the price is changing every day, the ant mining machine S17 can sell for about 21,000 yuan." Tianyu Mining sales staff said.

“Is there a new product?” When further questioning, the salesperson said to the 45th district that the current ant mining machine S9 and Shenma mining machine have been out of stock. “Now ants and Shenma can’t pay the goods”.

According to the information on the official website of Bitcoin, the ants S9, S17 and T17 series mining machines have been sold out.

Since May of this year, Bitcoin has started a new round of gains, breaking through the 6000, 8000, and 10,000 US dollars.

Area 45 learned that a more intuitive indicator compared to Bitcoin's overall network computing power is the bitcoin address. By the end of June, it had reached 672,658, and the number of blockchain wallets was 38,621,230.

Comparing the data of a group of users in 2017 and 2019, more than half of them learned about bitcoin in 2019, and considered bitcoin and blockchain to be a kind of financial innovation.

"According to the current market conditions, mining is faster. With the low-cost electricity bill during the wet season, the net income of a mining machine can reach 50-80 yuan per day, and the return period is less than 5 months." Sales staff Said to the 45th district, "The market has soared, the mining machine manufacturers have not come and stocked, so many mining machines are out of stock."



Three times more passenger traffic

Under the market situation of short supply, the mining machine returned to the seller's market. As the manufacturer cut off the supply, the mine repairer also became the beneficiary of this round of market.

According to the master of a maintenance shop in Huaqiang North, the recent passenger traffic can be 2-3 times a few months ago, and the business is much more busy than before.

"Maintenance does not ask the price now, the basic is to ask when it can be repaired. I have been in this for three years, and did not raise prices. Repair a mining machine motherboard 50-100 yuan, mainly to see the problem of the mining machine."

A miner also said to the 45 district that the control panel for the repair of a mining machine was about 30-40 yuan, because the price of the currency now needs 80-90 yuan. Moreover, often there is only one repair point in one province.

Even so, the miners are still rushing. At present, it is a domestic flood season, and the cost of electricity is relatively lower. If the electricity bill is within 0.3 yuan/kWh, the miners can get good mining income regardless of the new mining machine or the second-hand mining machine.

The consensus between miners and financial institutions is consistent, bullish on digital currencies. As the computing power of the whole network has increased, the difficulty of mining has increased, and the miners have also reached the critical moment of the mining machine equipment.