Security Alert: Wavefield quiz game TronChip was cracked by hacker random number

From 18:49 to 22:24 last night, PeckShield security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored hackers to launch a continuous attack on the wave field quiz game TronChip, a total of 61,867 TRX. Up to now, the game is still running normally, and there are thousands of TRXs in the contract. PeckShield security personnel found that the reason for the attack was that the game contract was cracked by random numbers. Specifically, the attacker at the beginning of TQLTA8 participated in the TronChip game bet by deploying multiple attack contracts, and continuously calculated the game in the attack contract. Random number, after the successful cracking, the transaction is initiated, otherwise the rollback is implemented to achieve a stable win. PeckShield cautions that developers should conduct security testing before the contract goes live, especially to eliminate the threat of known attacks. If necessary, they can seek assistance from a third-party security company to help them complete the pre-launch attack test and basic security defense. deploy.