Daniel Wen: Building a chain for security protection can guarantee the confidentiality of information exchange, establish a trusted data stream and provide reliable incentives

Daniel Wen, CEO of the Decentralized Vulnerability Platform DVP, said today that the security protection is very difficult, and the attack may involve a very wide range of attacks, so be sure to do a very comprehensive test when defending. The services provided by the security company, or the security services you purchase, are often single-shot and have persistent problems. At the same time, he believes that establishing a chain for security protection has the following purposes: First, to ensure the confidentiality of the security information exchange process, for example, when submitting a vulnerability, the vulnerability report will be encrypted according to the vendor's provision of the public key. The data is stored on the chain, and as long as there is no corresponding private key, no third party can get the report details, which is determined by cryptography. The second is to verify the key links of this process and establish a verifiable and reliable data stream. The third is to ensure the reliability of the bonus issuance process.