More than one workshop in San Francisco

This week, more than one workshop was held in San Francisco in the United States. Compared with the original chain technology operation director Zhong Lifei, the Bystack BBFT consensus algorithm inventor Wang Wei and the original chain chief architect Zhu Yizhen, the local developers explained the original BUTXO model. The process of creating assets over the original chain and the usage scenarios of the original chain smart contract and the Bystack architecture.
On August 24th, the second global developer conference will be held in San Francisco than the original chain. At present, developers from the United States, Canada, China, India, Nigeria and other places have signed up for the competition. This series of workshops in San Francisco is dedicated to providing face-to-face technical guidance to US developers who have already signed up for the competition.
The registration of the current development competition is still going on, and more than one original meetup and workshop will be held in Seattle and Silicon Valley. For more details, visit the official website: