Longgang District, Shenzhen: In the first half of this year, 618,000 blockchain electronic invoices were issued.

According to the news of the Central Broadcasting Network on July 24, since August 10 last year, the country's first blockchain electronic invoices have been implemented in Shenzhen, the blockchain invoice business has accelerated in Shenzhen. The reporter learned from the Longgang District Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen on July 23 that in the first half of this year, Longgang District issued 618,000 block invoices for blockchain. The taxation department of Longgang District said that the next step will continue to increase the promotion of blockchain electronic invoices, further promote the integration of technological innovation and modern taxation services, expand the application areas of blockchain electronic invoices, and enable more taxpayers to benefit from. At the same time, through the promotion of blockchain invoices, the company can save more manpower and material costs, and better help the Longgang District optimize the business environment.