Nadeem Mazen: Fabrk (FAB) is a compliant Reg s certified security

Fabrk CEO Nadeem Mazen said in the AMA event of the chain node community today that Fabrk has been a Regener-free protocol for decentralized permissionless. The original intention is to find another way. 1. Fabrk's Nolan sdk guarantees that developers/service providers can In the case of non-infringement of user privacy, the use of alliance learning training algorithm 2. FAB is a compliant Reg S-certified securities, except for American users and lawless elements can hold 3.Fabrk SDK and future small programs are Developed by the community, the survival of the fittest 4. The reason for the establishment of fabrk is to replace facebook, now the time is ripe. "FABRK AMA is in progress, welcome to pay attention and ask questions: