China Times: Coping with Libra Shockwave China must have a "prepared tire plan"

The China Times today published the article "Responding to the Libra Shockwave, China must have a "prepared tire plan". The article mentioned that in the face of the libra shock wave, China should have its own "prepared tire plan", and not just stay in the so-called "regulation" or "control". As soon as possible, we have cultivated our own digital currency "spoiler" to cope with the possible Libra shock wave, which is now urgent. I believe that as long as the regulatory layer has opened a "green light" in the direction, with the popularity of China's digital economy, especially digital payment, and the technological thickness accumulated and tested by large-scale technology financial platforms over the years, we are fully capable of creating a Chinese version as soon as possible. Digital currency spare tires to prevent problems before they occur in response to the most likely Libra shockwaves.