Security Alert: Wavefield TronCity game self-destruction contract, over 250,000 TRX balance is cleared

PeckShield security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored that at 04:44 in the morning, there was an unusually large transaction in the TronCity project party game contract. The existing balance in the game contract totaled 257, 112 TRX was emptied once. PeckShield security personnel further analyzed that its contractual ownership had been transferred to the new address at the beginning of TWJLLG, and its contract address was also self-destructed by the contract destruct() method. Based on the user feedback message of the Telegram project telegraph group, PeckShield believes that this self-destructive contract behavior is abnormal, and does not rule out the possibility of the project side "closing" or even "running the road". In view of this, PeckShield has implemented control over its key addresses and continues to track the further flow of its assets. At the same time, it is reminded that when players play DApp games, they must know the project side in detail to avoid uncontrollable human factors or security incidents. Loss of digital assets.