Bytom Tech Angel officially announced its participation in the election than the original chain Bystack node

Today, Bytom Tech Angel officially announced its participation in the competition than the original Bystack consensus node. In order to reflect the purpose of sharing and building a win-win situation, the 313 node provided 1 million votes for the community technical team that made outstanding contributions to the original chain ecology. Therefore, the Bytom Tech Angel node was established to participate in the Bystack consensus node campaign than the original technology community.
Than the original technology community is a promotion that spreads more than the original technology, assists with community developers, and helps the community to develop organizations based on the original chain. Bystack is a blockchain-based BaaS platform based on the original chain, enabling rapid creation, management and maintenance of enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications. Through in-depth cooperation with Bystack, we will jointly build and build a safe, efficient and transparent blockchain infrastructure to help the safe and healthy development of the Bystack blockchain ecosystem.