The data shows that the market share of DEX is small but continues to grow steadily, with a total transaction volume of 959 million US dollars for half a year.

According to DAppTotal's "DeFi Industry Research Report for the First Half of 2019", the total market transaction volume of DEX in the past six months has increased from US$71 million in January to US$288 million in June, with a total transaction volume of 959 million in half a year. The total number of transactions increased from 212,000 in January to 411,000 in June; the total monthly activity rose from 19,000 in January to 32,000 in June. However, compared with the centralized exchanges, there is still a large room for development. For example, Eth2dai, which currently has the largest market share in the DEX market, has a total transaction volume of US$256 million in the first half of the year, which is only a few days of trading on the head-centered exchange. .