successfully elected TTC Super Node officially announced cooperation with TTC and was successfully elected as a super node. will use its mature node operation and maintenance technology to participate in the maintenance of TTC network security and stability, and help TTC ecological construction. focuses on services such as data analysis and customization in the mining pool and chain. The mining pool business is deeply rooted in the PoW field. Currently, its BTC, BCH, LTC and other currencies are leading the mining power. The PoS business began in 2019. Currently, multiple public chains have been deployed. TTC is a blockchain solution for large transaction volume and a sustainable token economy model. The main network Rigi was officially launched in March of 19, using the "multi-layer BFT-DPoS" consensus, and the high TPS with DPoS The problem of node conflict and low voter turnout rate is solved. The user does not need to freeze the wallet balance when participating in the node voting, and the number of votes is automatically synchronized with the wallet balance. The voting rate is currently over 60%.