Analysis: The outlook for the US dollar is questioned by JPMorgan strategists, and the differences between the financial community and American politicians deepen

On July 24th, Morgan Chase strategist Craig Cohen said in a report released in July that non-US central bank habits of change are making people really uneasy about the long-term status of the dollar. The report said that the US dollar, as a traditional global reserve currency, is facing threats such as increasingly fierce competition from foreign powers and a decline in gold reserves. The global central bank is also increasing its gold reserves at the strongest rate ever. In 2018, central banks' demand for gold reached its highest level since 1971, and gold purchases for four consecutive quarters also reached record highs. Cohen wrote in the report: "For us, this makes sense: gold is a stable source of value, and human trust has been supporting it for thousands of years." Bitcoinist analysis said that although JP Morgan Chase did not leave the office The cryptocurrency is not mentioned, but the above remarks highlight the growing disagreement between the financial community and US politicians, including President Trump, who still believe that they can maintain the status of the dollar.