The estimated loss of the Japanese exchange Bitpoint was 3.67 billion yen

Today, Japan’s Remixpoint said that Bitpoint Japan, the company’s virtual currency exchange, announced the theft of virtual currency on July 12, 2019, and is currently taking various measures including identifying the causes, including collecting and investigating computers. And evidence left in digital storage media to investigate various log analysis and analysis. In the future, the virtual currency wallet system and the error detection system will be improved and strengthened as early as possible, and the management and management situation including the system risk management situation will be improved. The specific loss is the amount of the outbound virtual currency of the 1Bitpoint customer registration section is 2,060 million yen. 2 The exchange itself has a virtual currency loss of 960 million yen, 3 overseas virtual currency exchanges, 250,000 yen, 4 initial correspondence, and the cost of preventing recurrence measures. 4 million yen, a total of 3.67 billion yen (about 34 million US dollars).