Babbitt SheKnows Ajian: There is no complicated state in the beacon chain from beginning to end, but it is the center of the subsequent system.

Babbitt News, on the evening of July 24, Ethere's fan content chief Ajian said in the Babit live online program She Knows that the beacon chain is the main chain in Eth2, and it will assume the responsibility of maintaining the verifier. Aggregate, assign a verifier to the shard (requires the certifier to propose a block or submit an attestation); store the attestation of the shard chain. Unlike Eth1's main chain, the beacon chain uses the PoS mechanism to reach consensus, specifically Casper + Last Message Driven GHOST. The beacon chain does not have a complex state from start to finish, but it is the center of the subsequent system. In the upcoming Phase 0, users on Eth1 only need to deposit 32ETH in the margin contract to obtain the verifier's qualification and participate in the beaconing process. In addition, in this double-chain parallel phase, developers are now also planning to create a two-way coupling of the PoW backbone and the beacon chain, using a beacon chain to finalize the blocks on the PoW chain.