Babbitt SheKnows Zhang Weijia: The POS mechanism has a uniform block speed. If the selected node is accidentally disconnected, there will be no block.

Babbitt News, on the evening of July 24th in the Pakistani online live program She Knows, the host free and easy to ask: "About the block interval setting, a feature of the PoW system is that the block interval is irregular For example, bitcoin, although the average interval of block interval is 10 minutes, but sometimes it is 2-3 minutes short, sometimes half an hour, and the block generation time of Ethereum 2.0 is called slot. It is currently hardcoded to 6 seconds, but seeing a saying that this does not mean that each block generation time must be 6 seconds, in addition there may be a case where there is no block in one slot cycle, this is What happened?" Zhang Weijia, head of the China ETF's China region, replied: "The speed and power of the POW consensus, calculation difficulty, transaction volume, and calculation probability are related, so the block interval is uncertain. The block mechanism is basically a radish (proving node) a slot, so the speed of the block is basically uniform. Sometimes the selected node just breaks or fails to get out of the block within the time required by the slot. Will make In this slot interval, there is no block."