Babbitt SheKnows Yang Town: Ethereum 2.0, malicious actors will be directly punished

Babbitt News, on the evening of July 24, the Ethereum Yellow Book translator Yang Zhen said in the Babit online live program She Knows that Ethereum 2.0 has two kinds of punishments, one is for "certifiers who do not participate in verification" The other is for malicious actors. "Verifiers that do not participate in verification" generally refer to addresses that are out of line and network failures that cannot be worked for a short period of time. This penalty is relatively light, only when many verifiers (more than 1/3) are simultaneously dropped. Time, when the beacon chain can not be finalized, will receive a larger penalty, and this penalty will grow over time and will not be too high at first. Malicious actors (such as repeated voting) will be directly penalized, such as several eths that are directly punished without pledge.