Can the altcoin take off again?

In the BC, Lu State had a heavy rain. This rain caused a young man to squat on the cargo ship and burst into tears.

At that time, the ship was filled with fresh peaches, and it was sold to Fuyang for three yuan, which was five times higher than the purchase price. The young man just took the gold that his father gave him. He wanted to start the first business, but the rain was so heavy that the rushing water stopped the boat and the fresh peaches melted into mud on the boat.


This young man does not know that it is necessary to pay tuition for the first time doing business. He didn't know that the peach with a price difference of 5 times was actually nothing. In his later career in the mall, there was a big business with a million times leverage waiting for him.

The Chinese have been paying attention to the business of "good goods" since ancient times, and it is the story of Lu Buwei [1]. At that time, as a aspiring young man who had been studying for 10 years, he wanted to go to politics, but he had no choice but to be humble, and he had no way to enter the country. Lv Buwei could only come up with a curve-saving plan of “first from business and then from politics”, so he also had The story of selling peaches at the beginning.

After the failure to sell peaches, Lu Buwei tried to sell satin and pearl jade. He is good at buying low-priced jade from other Zhuyu merchants at a low price, and then selling it at a high price. Because of his unique vision, he is finally profitable. At this time, he also met the Qin State aristocrats who were hostages in Zhao Guo and were not seen. The most important business in life was quietly coming.

Although the alien is a royal family, he has more than 20 brothers. Like him, he is basically a small student. There is no chance to be a Prince of Qin, but Lu Buwei is born with adventurous spirit. He went home and asked himself. Father's three questions:

“How many times is the profit of farming?” Hey: “Ten times.”

“How many times does Zhuyu win?”曰: “Hundred times.”

“How many times does the country’s owner win?” 曰: “Innumerable.”

Therefore, in order to make this countless times of leverage, Lu Buwei spent a thousand dollars to invest in a different person, to manage his affairs, and finally help the aliens become the new favorite of Qin, and become the monarch in one fell swoop. Lv Buwei also became a prime minister.

Starting from investing in a different person, Lu Buwei spent a total of seven years to achieve his own goal of “business and business”, and the rise of his career has brought him numerous business returns.

Throughout history, Lv Weiwei is a rare example of the transformation of political capital and commercial capital. Before he was financial, he was the earliest venture capitalist and angel investor. And his investment methods have two main points: "low buy high and sell" and " odd goods can live". In Lv Buwei's career in the mall, the alien is the stranger he has encountered the highest rate of return.

The story of Lv Buwei has been going on for thousands of years. It is rarely mentioned that there has never been a similar operation of ten million times in Chinese history, but some hidden truths behind the story have never expired.

In recent months, bitcoin has risen and the currency of the altcoin has not moved, and even some altcoins have not risen and fallen. Many people are worried that if they want to change the altcoin in their hands to bitcoin, this kind of concern is justified, but some people have decided that the altcoin is going to die.

Those who will make such judgments cannot understand the domestic people's feelings in essence. What they don't understand is that in our land, odd goods are rare in themselves. Unusual goods are scarce, and the cost of harvesting scarce goods cannot be exceeded by ordinary people.

If you want to harvest strange goods, you must follow the Basic Law. Lv Buwei’s encounter with a stranger is certainly an investment story, but only Fu Jialu Weiwei can operate this investment. What is the use of giving ordinary people a chance to be different? This is the unspoken rule that has been running for thousands of years.

It was not until the reform and opening up that the people witnessed several major opportunities to change their destiny. In the 1980s, the price double-track system made a bunch of people who got the government's planned price rich. In 1992, when the tide of business in the sea went down, the first wave of officials and intellectuals who smelled the seafood first; the real estate in 2008, the first batch Beijing and Shanghai bought a large number of coal bosses who were integrated by state-owned coal mines. They took the compensation and closed their eyes and jumped into the housing market that was about to take off, perfectly avoiding the plunge in coal prices after 2012. [2]

Because of this, the emergence of the altcoin is inevitable. In the past, ordinary people missed the odd goods, and the altcoin gave them the imagination that everyone can harvest strange goods. Or, it is an illusion.

Many amaranths don't buy Bitcoin and Ethereum now because they feel that the mainstream currency has passed the initial stage of odd goods and has become a good investment. If you can carry what they want, there will be a bunch of altcoins that you can't name.

It is not stupid for people to buy altcoin. They are also betting on higher multiple returns. In the K-line chase and ups and downs, they are wrestling with others in the digital world, defending one of the seemingly MLM, better than MLM air coins, trying to step on every low-selling and high-selling price inflection point. This turning point is the harvesting point, which is also the turning point of their fate. It is the rising elevator of the class channel.

From this perspective, the altcoin is not a new thing. If you can't understand the altcoin, you can't understand Huaqiang North, you can't understand Putian shoes, and you can't understand all kinds of cottage culture.

We have always been a serious fan of cottage goods. Huaqiang North made the world's explosion of the cottage machine, the opening of the disc made the first rock circle in Shanghai, the customs fined the perfume to cultivate the first batch of perfume experts in Shanghai, Putian Anfu Electric Mall rounded up a pair of brand-name shoes on each person's feet dream.

When Lu Buwei sold jade in the same year, he liked to buy jade jade at a low price. What others could not understand was how he sold the defective things at a high price.

Later, Lu Buwei left such a sentence in "Lu Shi Chun Qiu": "The feelings of the people, the lack of expensive, all the rest."

This is a big truth. The jade in the hands of Lu Buwei is the earliest altcoin. The lack of expensive, all the rest, is also the soil for the survival of the altcoin.

The altcoin will not die. Because the needs of the people are there. A cottage currency has fallen, and there will be thousands of altcoins standing up.


Original title: "People miss the altcoin"


[1]: Lu Weiwei: The First Ancestral of China's Venture Capital


[2]: "The Big Rivers 40 Years: Seven Opportunities to Change Your Destiny"