DApp Eco-observation: How does the aura of the chain tour developers who have been taken away by DeFi to break out?

DApp is cool, are you still concerned?

"Don't mention it, uncover the scars of my memory. "

“Recently updated the article? Advise you to change direction and choose a hot topic.”

"The earliest entry is the best, the amount of investment is not too big, once you become a big game player, you are the one who is cut "

Recently, 31 QU asked several chain players and blockchain practitioners about the current status of DApp, and most of them received negative responses.

Some of them silently stopped the game, some have already sold the game account and returned to normal working life; some players will also log in to the game "mining" on time, "2.5 grapefruits per day"; others are The new players who come here are basically able to achieve breakeven in the recent games, but they are also resentful of the “inaction” of the project side in promotion…

What is worse than pessimism is that nobody cares.

As long as it is a blockchain practitioner, it will be obvious that this year, everyone's focus has shifted from last year's public chain and chain tour to DeFi, Staking, and even IEO, fund disk, and model currency. Last year, the grand event of the chain tour has long ceased to exist.

Players are silent, developers are losing, why can't DApps blow?

Text / 31QU Lin Jun


"No, the pit is old and miserable." "Not playing."

This is 31QU. When asked if an early chain game player is still playing DApp recently, the other party sent a concise reply. He would not mention the game he had played before and the pit he stepped on. "No mention, the past is not reminiscent. ”

In March of this year, I invested a lot of money in a certain dice game, but because the team suddenly shut down the game, the player who lost the game eventually built the summer, and still avoids the chain tour, "too much EOS", "No Dare to play."

In the chain tour, "the money is lost" is not a case. Especially since the second half of last year, the bear market has come, and the cryptocurrency assets held by the players have shrunk dramatically, and they are not interested in the chain tour.

A large number of players fled, and the days of the chain travel development team were not good.

In July of this year, the player Zhou Gongzi asked the founder in the group: "Another month has passed, is there an update plan? " The other party responded: "Nothing… no good direction. "

Fortunately, although there is no new plan, the team has not disappeared, and the game is still running. According to the founder’s previous statement, “Now it is running with money, and money is being mined. ” Old players can also log in every day. Collecting ore."

Under such an industry background, the progress of some blockchain game development is far from the player's expectations.

As early as the beginning of this year, I began to prepare for the opening of another business in Decentraland (DCL). I am also anxious about the progress of the project: "The recent progress of DCL is very slow. We can't do anything, we are waiting for the fallacy. The main online line. "

Previously, Stone Advertising v. 31QU, he was "prepared to open stores on the land to help designers sell virtual game cards, character models, and clothing" plans, but months have passed, the current plan is still stagnant, Now the official editor is relatively rudimentary and backward. "You have to wait for the plugin on unity3d." In addition, "the avatar has to be charged" is not the right time.

Previously, an article published by 31QU "DApp is a pseudo-demand? DeFi is the real use case for Ethereum to live . It is also possible to see the status of DeFi in the use case above the public chain.

Is the DApp really cool?

Since the EOS main online line in June last year, DApps based on the development of major public chains have gradually formed their own ecology. In the context of the ever-changing cryptocurrency industry, the experience of the above players is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you only look at DApp data, this year, although the DApp volume is small, it is not too bad.

According to dappreview's recent report for the first half of 2019, the number of new DApps reached 1,114 in the first half of the year, and the total transaction volume for the first half of the year reached US$11.1 billion. The overall development of the DApp market is still good.

If further refinement, according to the SpiderData data, in June of this year, the number of DApp daily active addresses of the three major public chains was about 110,000 for EOS, about 40,000 for the wave field, and about 20,000 for Ethereum. Although this data is not eye-catching, "on a macro level, there has been some recovery from the end of last year."

▲ Three major public chain DApp daily data in June 2019, source: SpiderData

However, as an industry observer, the head of the decentralized application service platform DAppBirds, Birds, has different views. He believes that the number of developers is more indicative of the DApp status than the daily data, transaction volume, and user data.

According to Bird's perception, compared with the second half of last year, the biggest difference in DApp ecology is that developers are reduced by 60%, and the frequency of new DApps can't keep up with the rhythm. " He added, "One day last year. There are more than a dozen DApps, and this year the data has dropped to a new game in 2~3 days. "

Xiaohua, the founder of DApp distribution and blockchain gaming community SpierStore, basically agrees with this view. “On the game-only DApp, there are a lot of people who open multiple game accounts, and even the project will be their own. Brushing. As for the spinach-type DApp, this situation will only be more serious. "

This view is also recognized by the chain travel developer Nicky. He said that even if the website deduplicates data such as DApp daily activities and transaction amount, it will "will inevitably have water" . "The construction of the public chain ecology requires developers. If the developer leaves, the entire public chain ecology will naturally have problems. "

“Before, many big companies all claimed to enter the blockchain, but now it seems that many of them are rushing back. ”

Developer in a bear market

The chain tour team who can't make ends meet is helpless. On the track tour, of course, there are entrepreneurs who insist on it.

BLOCKLORDS is an epic strategy chain tour that was launched at the beginning of this year. Before that, the game producer Nicky told 31QU that the team won prizes in the game competitions sponsored by the public trains such as Wave Field and NEO, thus solving the problem of pre-funding. Now, months have passed and game development is on track.

However, he also said that in the first half of this year, the entire cryptocurrency market was unpredictable, and more or less affected the players of their own games.

“For example, in April, the price of TRX rose from 0.2 yuan to 0.3 yuan. Players in the wave field will be more cautious when purchasing equipment and props, and some choose over-the-counter trading. For BLOCKLORDS, some users are indeed lost. ”

He added: "The reason for the loss of users may also be because the gameplay of our game is not rich enough. If the player only touches a set of gameplay for a long time, they will naturally leave. " However, he believes that this situation is more in the follow-up team. After playing more games, you can get improvement.

Currently BLOCKLORDS still targets target users to overseas players. “Compared to domestic, overseas players are more demanding on the 'playability' of the game and are more willing to pay. ” Nicky explained.

Therefore, some DApps aim to be willing to pay high-paying players. On the one hand, the team has to survive, on the other hand, setting the high threshold is also to stop the players who only want to come to the wool. "Otherwise, the team can only cut the leeks with the currency. " Nick told 31QU.

For the future, Nicky is not worried about whether he can make money. The team is worried: "Even if you have a game with a great experience, you can't attract more players. " In their expectations, wait until this year. After the 2.0 release, "I hope there will be 1000 active loyal players by then. "

But the bleak status quo also shakes confidence from time to time. After a half-year baptism in the market, the team began to reflect on the practice of not insisting on pre-sales.

“Sometimes, I will discuss with another founder. When I push the new version of the game, do I need to make some adjustments to the existing rules. ” Nicky told 31QU, “For example, the two versions of the game that the team went online before, in order to ensure fairness. , insisted on not pre-sale, but later we found that other quality is not as good as BLOCKLORDS, but the game of pre-sale and packaging, the user's participation is better, as if new users like this game. "

Therefore, whether or not to make compromises and improvements in the follow-up has become a problem facing the team.

Can you hope to explode?

In the second half of last year, the concept application of FOMO3D, PixelMaster, Bitcoin decryption games, and all kinds of dice, gambling, and quiz chain tours can support the entire DApp ecosystem, and also promoted the landing of the three major chains to new ones. height.

However, this year, practitioners can clearly perceive that in addition to the amazing 888TRON and the " Catch the Demon " together , the scene of chain travel last year no longer exists, most of the chain tours have not wavered. .

"The development speed of concept games has indeed slowed down, and with the recovery of the secondary market this year, users' interest in financial trading DApps has increased (the chain travel voice has become smaller). "Wheat wallet co-founder Wu Rock said.

“This year, the concept of decentralized financial DeFi has been very hot. For example, DAI is also a type of DApp based on smart contracts. With more and more such products, it is a bit broader to classify them into trading classes. Xiao Hua told 31QU that the classification of DeFi and trading DApps has been put on the agenda by SpiderSore .

Since there aren't too many real gamers yet, DApp users and the speculative players have a lot of overlap. After DeFi attracts most of the user's attention, how can the chain tour capture the market again?

The Just Game, which was born in early July, seems to be expected to change this state. This new game, which was launched by the FOMO3D main team of the fund game last year, has been popularized by everyone.

Some people have high hopes for Just.game, which is "will once again detonate the blockchain game." The chicken brother who has never played chain travel before, also heard the sound. He was very impressed with FOMO3D. He only paid attention to and did not participate in the past year. "I saw Sun Yuchen helping the team push Just.game this year, and I paid special attention to it. "

Just when everyone expects Just.game to announce the launch date, the team aiming at the business opportunity has taken the lead. A few days later, various "imitation games" such as JustGame.VIP and BOXME are quietly launched, and the corresponding publicity is also lively.

Chicken silk is in the acquaintance of the speculative coin group, I heard that JustGame.VIP, he told 31QU, "Although I know this is a copy, but I think it can be good before the genuine game comes out", "Try to try water first , 攒攒 experience. ”

JustGame.VIP has been launched on the wave field, Ethereum, IOST and other versions. Chicken silk is only earned by the wave field version. "There is no return to the other. " He blamed the team for poor promotion. "No promotion, It’s a waste."

However, he does not dare to promote the game to his own community. He explained, “The risk is too high. Isn’t this bringing community users to the pit? ”

Chicken silk told 31QU that he will participate after the "genuine" goes online. But he also knows that this is a fund game. "For this kind of silly game, you can't invest too much. If you invest more, you become a big family, and you will eventually be cut off. "

"At present, the 'blockchain game' on the market, most of the kernel is still speculative, but this process has been shown by the team in a more vivid form. " For such funds and gaming games, Xiao Hua is blunt.

When asked if the follow-up will follow other chain tours with a stronger sense of experience, the chicken brother said that "it will not be concerned."

In other words, these players who are attracted by the explosion and money-making effects seem to be difficult to turn into real chain players.

“Now the low tide, DApp cool is the norm, everyone is building up strength, accumulating and depositing traffic. ” Even if the status quo is not satisfactory, the founder of HelloEOS is still optimistic about DApp .

He believes that this is the inevitable occurrence of the market "bearing to the cattle", "after the big bulls start, this situation will naturally reverse. "

On the one hand, it is squandered by funds and technology. On the other hand, due to the sluggish cryptocurrency market, the daily life is falling and users are fleeing. The future of DApp is still unclear.

What is certain is that there will still be a period of stagnation in the DApp, which has been highly anticipated since its birth.

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