"Westward Journey of the Block" equipment trading system on-line equipment recycling transaction freedom

The world's first Xianxia hang-up blockchain game "Westward Journey" integrates social, compulsory and mining functions. It brings unprecedented experience of chain games to gamers in the more than two months after the launch. The function of the exchange that will be officially launched will undoubtedly create a new wave of competition among players.

In addition to sophisticated production and design, giving players a great experience, the biggest feature of Block Westward Journey is that players can get full real benefits through the game. The on-hook mining mechanism based on blockchain technology in the game can fully stimulate the sense of user participation, allowing players to create value outside the virtual world and truly become the master of the game. The main currency in Block Westward Journey is JTWT, with a circulation of 10 billion pieces. The total amount is constant and will never be issued. It has the basis for maintaining value. JTWT can only be produced through in-game mining.

After the official launch of the exchange on July 22, players can use EOS to directly trade equipment in the game. New players can quickly upgrade their strengths to get more tokens and get more in each bonus. The profits, while the old players can also use this feature to sell their gear to gain. Obviously, it is easy for players to make money while enjoying the game. This model of innovation is a major innovation and change in the game economy.


Different from other games, pure exchange gameplay, or simple and crude gameplay, "Westward Journey" has a rich and mature development system, a variety of ways to protect the game, players online PK, guild assembly, BOSS challenges, can It is a really fun game, with the equipment trading function that is now open and the dividend mechanism that has been implemented, so that players can play games and get some benefits, and the official also promises to hold high-priced players in regular auctions. equipment.

Freedom of trading! Equipment recycling! You are not coming yet!

The "West Block" exchange will be officially launched on July 22, and a large number of EOS waiting for you to grab!

"West Block" game address: www.qukuaixyou.com

"Westward Journey" official WeChat: lol_lololo