Ripple 2019 Q2 Report: XRP sales increased by approximately 48% quarter-on-quarter, and daily average trading volume increased by more than 175%

On Wednesday, Ripple released its second quarterly report for 2019. The main points of the report are as follows: 1. Ripple sold a total of $255.1 million in XRP in Q2 in 2019, an increase of about 48% from Q1 ($169 million) in 2019; 2. Among them, direct agency sales boosted sales for the quarter. The increase, from 61.93 million US dollars to 106687 million US dollars, an increase of nearly 73%; 3. Programmatic sales (programmatic sales) still dominate, the second quarter was 146.44 million US dollars, and the first quarter was 107.49 million US dollars; Despite this, Ripple plans to withdraw from certain OTC markets in Q3, focusing on where liquidity is most needed, which may have a negative impact on direct sales. In addition, Ripple plans to adopt a more conservative approach to XRP sales in the third quarter. 5. According to CCTT data, in Q3, the average daily trading volume of XRP increased by more than 175% from US$1.561 billion to US$429.51 million. According to CMC data, XRP daily trading volume was 1.74 billion US dollars. 6. In Q3, 3 billion XRP was released from encrypted hosting, 2.1 billion XRPs were returned to hosting, and $900 million inflows were used to develop XRP use cases, such as the Xpring project and the RippleNet partnership (such as MoneyGram); Q3, XRP's average daily return volatility is 5%.