Shenzhen unified government service platform "i Shenzhen" will use the blockchain and other technologies to open up the government service data link

According to the Shenzhen Business Daily, the Shenzhen Municipal Government Service Data Administration recently revealed that the city's unified government service platform “i Shenzhen” has gathered 2,500 items of personal affairs and convenience services. The proportion of personal government service transactions in the city has exceeded 50%. By the end of this year, 95% of personal government affairs can be handled in “i Shenzhen”. It is understood that the future "i Shenzhen" will focus on data deep mining to achieve application scenario product development and application. Based on the blockchain and big data integration, analysis and application, we will accelerate the data link of high-frequency application scenarios such as education, employment, medical care, housing, transportation, etc., and develop business scenario application products based on data deep sharing applications.